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Last minute non-traditional Christmas list roundup

It’s less than a week until Christmas!

Only a few more shopping days left!

Christmas bitmoji

If that idea finds you stressed, I pray that you will find peace during this season.

Just take it one day at a time, and you will get there.

Time. The Irreplaceable, Yet, Free Gift

Please remember that not all gifts cost money. The gift of time is possibly even more valuable than something you can buy. You can always replace mass-produced gifts, but when our time runs out, there’s no more chances.

Please pray about what you can do for your loved ones this holiday season that will communicate your love and care for them.

Happy memories are the best gift you can give or receive.

So, take a ton of pictures, stop for a walk with a friend, and think about what will really mean the most this year!Christmas memories bitmoji


I’m giving these list out for my immediate family. I don’t mind if they buy me something, because sometimes it’s just easier to feel like we are participating in giving when we get to tie a bow on a box and hide something inside.Non-traditional Christmas lists

My simple lists are just some suggestions of what we can do together to deepen our relationships. I kept the lists small.

For my husband:

Dear Handsome Husband,

I want to make more memories with you this year and deepen our friendship.

From you, the gifts that would mean a lot to me are:

    Take a walk with me every day so we can talk and catch up
    Take dates…
    Suggestions included…personalized, of course!
    ❤️ Dedicating a couple hours to us each week would make me feel valued by you. ❤️

For My Sons:

To our eldest (away at school)

I would like to keep our relationship close, or improve what is not close.

The gifts that would mean the most to me from you would be for you to commit to:

  • Text/email me every day and tell me what’s important in your day.
  • Call me once a week just to catch up
  • Contact Dad and your brothers every now and then
  • ☎️

For our Middle Son & Youngest Son:

I want our relationship to grow. A gift that would mean a lot to me would be for you to commit to:

  • Take a walk with me twice a week. Morning would be best.
  • Pray with me and tell me what’s on your mind every other night. (So I can alternate between the two boys and not feel rushed)
  • 🧎‍♀️🧎🧎‍♂️

I know these are pretty simple gifts. But you don’t know the hectic life we’ve been leading. Even these may be difficult to keep consistent. But it’s up to them whether they will decide to do those things or not.

I will appreciate any display of love and affection from my family.

If they decide to only follow what I’m offering, I will be very grateful as well.

After all, a gift is just that–a gift. Something we receive from the heart of love of the giver.

My family always appreciates suggestions, though. Guys are very black and white. So, I will use my imagination for them. ♥️

Lists for Non-Traditional Christmas Gifts

If you’re out of ideas, and you have a non-traditional person in your life that you want to bless with a gift, please see my posts below on whatever category they may fall in. Obviously I haven’t hit everyone, but I just wanted a place where all of these ideas were together.

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Speaking of Christmas Lists:

Growing up, my mom always played the Jim Reeves Christmas record over and over. So that came to represent Christmas songs to me.

Jim Reeves Christmas CD cover

Later, she added the music of Anne Murray, and hardly a year goes by without me seeking out her Christmas album. It’s just what Christmas music sounds like in my mind.

A couple of years ago, my mom actually found the Jim Reeves album on CD, so now I never have to seek it out. (You can seriously find almost anything online these days!). But, there are certain songs that still don’t sound the same, because in my head, I hear every skip from the scratches in our record! Crazy how memories work!

I’ve linked a song from each album, plus one from Amy Grant on Christmas Lists, since that’s what I’m thinking about right now. . 🕯

Christmas Wishes, Anne Murray

Grown Up Christmas List

Bitmoji happy Christmas

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