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What gift does an Off Grid Man want?

Off grid man

Something PRACTICAL!

Guys are notoriously hard to shop for, and an off grid man can add an even more challenging element. After all, off-grid guys aren’t exactly the random generic gift type. ?.

A homesteading guy truly does appreciate a thoughtful gift, but he may not want to come right out and ask for it. ?

Homesteading people are a different breed. They generally value sustainability over the latest trends. Off grid homesteaders like to do their best to live off the land and grow their own, make it themselves, and just live simply. But there are certain items that make the off-grid life more enjoyable.

For each suggestion I will share our family favorite, because I’d always rather know what gets used than what just may sit around and collect dust.

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Off grid man

Twenty Practical gifts for the Off Grid Man (or any man)

  • Rechargeable tools. I live in a household of males. They all want tools. End of story. Find out what brand he uses and stick with that brand since the batteries will interchange. We use Kobalt but my off grid man also likes Milwaukee tools. Even just a battery or charger is welcome.
  • A load of wood. Won’t cost you a dime, but it’ll take some WORK!
  • Hatchet or axe and sharpener
  • Warm work gloves. Other homesteaders I know swear by the Bellingham Wonder Grip gloves. Durable, flexible, and warm, which is what a man wants when working outside in the elements. He also needs grip because he’s working with many different textures of wood, metal, and equipment.
  • Hats–an Off Grid Man cannot have too many hats. Get the snug-fitting type (My Off Grid Man loves his Carhartt beanie) for normal days. Sometimes your man needs a thin cap to keep off the chill, and other times he needs full protection from the wind and elements.We love these fur lined ear flap hats! Each man at Ridge Haven Homesteads owns at least one, and I like that they come in this awesome Buffalo check!
  • Multitool. From Gerber to Leatherman multitool, to the simple multi tools sold at your local big mart stores, there is just something so appealing to men about all that power in the palm of his hand. I think that’s what my Off Grid Man will get this year, because every time I mention a gift exchange, he recommends a multitool! ? Do not tell him (and no worries–he never reads this blog!). I think the biggest problem with a multitool is deciding which one to purchase, as there are so many features!
  • Fire tools–for the wood stove or the campfire! Off Grid Men love to poke tools into the fire!
  • Gas or propane—gift cards work!!
  • Warm pullover.
  • Flannel shirts
  • Utility knives with extra blades. My Off Grid Man/teens use theirs ALL THE TIME! This is one of those don’t leave home without it type gifts. And they can use more than one or two! Keep one in each vehicle!
  • Back Massage coupons! Give him a back rub every day/week/as needed! Print off your own from the web, or use simple index cards to create/embellish/custom-design your coupons! These gift coupons can be used by any age, and will be WELL-APPRECIATED by your hard-working Off Grid Man! Here is a link to some creative coupons in addition to a QUALITY back massage coupon. The Couch Potato Coupon Book might be a fun one to customize for you hard-working off grid man!
  • Chainsaw Sharpener. This a bonus idea! This tool is a welcome gift for any guy who wields a chainsaw! I overheard my husband yesterday saying, “I despise a dull blade, and I despise a dull file!” He uses these frequently to keep his blades sharp! A dull blade is a dangerous blade! Pay attention to the type of chain and the size, as these tools are specific to different chain sizes. These make it easy to sharpen your blade faster and maintain the correct angle!

Off grid man

There you have it–Twenty Gift Ideas for the Off Grid Man.

Use these gift ideas as a springboard to get your mind rolling!

If you can’t find any gifts for your off grid man on this list, I have to ask, is he really living off grid?

I hope you’ve found this list helpful!


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Off grid man

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