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Gifts Ideas for a Blogger

Know a Blogger, and wonder what in the world you could give them for Christmas or another occasion?

You’re not alone.

Bloggers are a peculiar breed. Always pecking away at their keyboard, snapping pictures at random moments, and creating ideas out of seemingly nothing. These bloggers live in a story world, always with a running mental possibility list for the next topic.

Writing quote

So what do they even need?

Once a blogger has her site set up, all she has to do is write–right?


So if someone you know is a blogger, you may have noticed that small things kind of seem like big things to him. Especially in the beginning.


Sarah commented on my post today. I think she liked it.

My blog post did not send. I’m going to have to figure out what happened with my campaign!


I got 30 people came by my site–that’s an improvement from before! My site is growing!

Small things build to create big things, but it’s quite a bit of work to build up to something noticeable.

That’s where you come in.

If you want to gift a blogger, and I’m assuming that’s why you’re here, then trust me when I tell you that little attentions often (like when you’re dating) work together to become a very meaningful gift.

Writing quote

I’ll get to a few tangible gifts, but what will seriously mean the most to a blogger are listed first on my list!

So let’s get going:

What to Give a Blogger for Christmas

These are listed in order of importance to me from what I’ve seen while interacting with other bloggers. Others will have different opinions.

1. Read the Blog regularly.

I like it when my friends tell me they’ve read something I’ve posted!

To really be a boss gifter–set yourself a reminder, and visit the blog every Tuesday or Sunday, etc, and give yourself 15-30 minutes to interact. 💕

This is a sneaky way to check to make sure she’s not writing stories about you for the world to chuckle at! Writing quote

2. Leave a comment 

He won’t know you’ve read his blog if you sneak in and out without a comment! You don’t have to spill your soul–just let him know you read it and how you think about it.

*commenting is a great way to help his blog to be indexed by Google and the other web crawling bots (that sounds really creepy, doesn’t it?) that decide which websites deserve attention.

3. Make a practice to click on a hyperlink to an affiliate product.

I will tell you a secret: clicking on an affiliate link will not suck money out of your wallet. All it does is creates a memory in the site you visit (like amazon.com), so that if, during the next few weeks, you make a purchase, a very small percentage, will be reimbursed to the blogger. It takes a LOT of clicks to even earn a few pennies, but it does not cost the buyer a penny more. It’s just a way that Jeff Bezos and his crew pay bloggers who link advertisements to their site, where they (Bezos and his minions) benefit from your purchases.

I like to think of it in this way: if I’m already going to buy something from amazon or another site, I’d rather make sure that somebody I actually know gets a little kickback.

4. Social Media Follow/Share

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, then LIKE the blogger’s page and sometimes go see what they post about. This helps to build up their credibility, in turn helping their blog eventually.

I will say that I think it helps the blogger more to go directly to their blog.

It’s a crazy world where you have to try to stay afloat on so many social media outlets. I’d honestly rather just blog, but the reality is that you have to share to be seen.

When you’re on your social site, SHARE a post or two. This broadens the readership, and helps tremendously!

5. Planners, pens, notebooks, calendars.

I’m so old school that I prefer a paper and pen planner system. The apps for planning are just to easy to not see when I have a other app open, but a paper list can be seen all of the time.

Materials for a blogger
Planners are so personal that I’d hesitate to go there, but if you know what type your blogger likes, then you’re smooth sailing. She only needs one per year, so your better bet may be sticky notes, paper clips, and her preferred pen. You can check out this

Blog planner  that I found a few years back. I use it but not exclusively.

You can tell that I grew up in the 80’s-90’s! I still love my four-colored pens. I choose a color for each category on my list, and it helps me in a teeny tiny way to feel like I’m a little bit organized.

6. Tea and nice mug/pretty water bottle and straw.

Just something to inspire him/her while he/she writes.

Obviously, many people do coffee, but I can’t handle it, so I prefer herbal tea blends. If your blogger gets going with coffee, then perhaps a nice mug or good blend will help him.

7. Essential oils and diffuser to help concentrate.

There are times when you’ve just got to get in the mood to write.

Surprisingly, environment plays a huge role in writing. A messy room makes it hard to concentrate. Noise is a thought killer. It’s smart to boost our brain power, so why not offer some brain enhancing oils like


    • ,


    • ,

Holy Basil

    • ,



Don’t forget the Diffuser 😃

Writing quote

Do you see that the first four gift suggestions for a blogger require no money?

None at all, unless you end up making a purchase from an affiliate link, but even those can be used on products you’d be buying anyway, so you’re not out anything! Yet you’ve still given a very thoughtful gift!

Crazy how that works!

Bloggers are real people too

Your blogger buddy may appreciate any or all of the things I’ve suggested. It he may be the type who wants to leave work behind when he’s not writing. In that case, just remember that he probably has other hobbies and interests.

*Easy tip*

If you go read a few of his blog articles, you may find out the kinds of non-blogging activities he’s into! Chances are pretty good that he’s been writing about them!

From Bloggers to You!

When I began writing this blog post, I jotted down my ideas. Then, I came across another post with a title similar to what was brewing in my mind. So I made sure I had my own ideas straight, then headed over to read the other article. Surprisingly, even though the other blogger shared some great ideas, our lists hardly overlap! That’s because we came at the same topic from two very different viewpoints.

So…if you don’t like my list, or need more ideas, please check out the linked post to find More gift ideas for a blogger from Sharing Life’s Moments

Writing quote

The Star Gifter

I applaud you for desiring to give something meaningful to a blogger.

I hope that these ideas have sparked some thoughts in your understanding about what a blogger really wants! If I’m way off base, come back and leave me a critical review! It’ll be OK! I’m sure I’ll learn a thing or two, and maybe I’ll even revise my list if I see that I’m way out in left field!

Bless a Blogger

However, if I’m right, (and I think I am), then you’ll suddenly be looked upon as a very thoughtful gift giver! That will make your life sweet, because you’ll know that you really blessed a blogger this Christmas!


Happy Holidays to Everyone!

Dog giving flower

Before you go…you can give me a little gift by sharing this list with someone!

Thank you!!


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  1. These are great ideas! I agree that some of the best things (perhaps THE best things) are just to read, comment, and share on social media. Many of us blog about things we want to share with others because we believe these things are beneficial. Why not help us share? It means so much to us.

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️