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Free Printable Blog Planner Tools

Blog planner

My reason for a Blog Planner and the Blog Hop Log.  These days I see a lot of my blogger buddies sharing across Blog Hops and Link-Up Parties! Why would you not? Blog Hops give you a chance to get your work out and to see what others want to share! Besides, Blog Hops are fun!  Here are some good ones to try! 

For me, though, after I’ve shared posts on several blog Hops for several weeks, my mind starts to jumble all up. Which post did I share where? I have to keep track, and I’m sure that you do too!

This post contains affiliate links  

Blog planner

Thus far, I’ve used a simple notebook method, where I jotted down my blog posts and where I shared them. It has worked just fine. But now, I’ve filled up all of my pages! I wanted to design something simple so I wouldn’t have to manually draw those columns again.

Here’s is what I’ve been using–kinda primitive, but it’s worked for me.


Blog Hop Log

See how I got over crowded when I ran out of room?

Blog Hop Log

Here is what I came up with to replace those hand-written sheets. I can do one Blog Hop per column, or one per page, which is what I will probably do. That way I won’t run out of room as quickly. However, it would take quite awhile to fill up a column, so I still may do two Blog Hops per page. I’m not terribly decisive, am I?

Blog planner blog Hop Log Blog Hop Log + my favorite planner pen.

My Homemade Blog Planner

I did a hodgepodge when it came to my blog planner. I always seem to be a hodpodge!!! I got overwhelmed looking at all the editorial calendars using Excel or other computer-based programs. Maybe someday I’ll got there, but for now, I need paper and pen version.

I looked for a printed (like from Wal-Mart) calendar and a regular planner that would fit my needs, and came up dry. Everything was either too small or too detailed for what I needed. Or too $$.

Since I didn’t exactly know what I’d use most in a custom-made blogging calendar, I didn’t want to shell out a lot, just to find that I didn’t use all the custom made forms.

After searching a bit, I found two free downloads that I meshed to make what I’m currently using. It has room to grow and upgrade, but when I do that, it’ll be based on what I know that I need.

Anyway, here’s what my current planner looks like.

I found that placing everything into one of these Hybrid Binders was best. They open flat, but work like a binder, so making a planner from these works great! They are full-sized, so you can add your own notebook paper or dividers, and fully customize them! Mine actually came with some really nice pocket dividers, handy for stashing random papers.

I used the pages from Designer Blog2019 Blog Planner (now updated link for 2022) I selected the pages I thought I’d use most (which ended up being almost all of them), and printed them out–12 sets for the 12 months! Once I get a feel for which pages I am using most often, I may add some of their extra (purchased) pages, but for now, I just downloaded the free pack.

Big Ol’ Blog Planner

Also–when I printed out the whole year, my planner was too thick for me. I put half of the planner pages into a separate binder for later, and my current hybrid binder holds the first six months.Blog planner

I also used the Designer Blog blank page template and made monthly tab dividers, which I laminated. I always use these sheets, as they’re the best value that I’ve found for 5 mil. I just trimmed down the laminated pages to create tabs on the sides.

Blog planner

A Simple Solution

If you just want a simple, all-inclusive, ready-to-print blogging planner, Designer Blogs does have a nice packet that’s available for purchase. Click on the picture for the no-fuss version. I often like to do things the hard way–the hodpodge way! But some people don’t, LOL!
2019 Blog Planner - DesignerBlogs.com

Homemade Blog Planner–Putting it all together.

To keep my weekly place, I use the little magnetic iclips bookmarks. They work very well and also add a little color.

For the front cover, and a couple other pages inside, I used a few pages from this planner. I liked the creativity of this design. She offers some of her printables for free, so I grabbed the ones that I found most useful for my needs. She also has an upgrade for her planner pages.

Everyone who blogs will have different needs, so putting together a system that works for you, and that you will use is the key to organizing your blog.

My Addition: The Blog Hop Log

The major thing I needed to add was the Blog Hop Log, which you can download here.

Blog Hop Log  Click to Download!

Blog planner

Maybe you’ll find it useful!

Note: this download is free. To access the rest of our free downloads, please subscribe using the box below. All of my free downloads can be accessed on the special subscriber page (absolutely free!).

Enjoy your free printable, and come back to see other helpful resources for your blogging, homeschooling, and homesteading journey!

Bloggerswhat do you use to stay organized? I’m all ears, and would love to learn some tips and tools from you!

Happy blogging!

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