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Seven gifts for a small business owner

Gifts for a small business owner

Small businesses are all around our towns, churches, and communities.

Seamstress in shop

I’m sure you know several small business owners, if you stop to think about it.

  • The lady who makes fine, handmade soaps
  • Your Lawn Service Guys
  • Health Food Store owners
  • Barbers and Beauty Shop owners
  • Carpenters
  • Tree Trimmers

Small greenhouse

  • Fix-It men
  • Plumbers
  • Etsy Sellers
  • Small Farmers
  • Computer whizzes
  • Tire repair people
  • Sweet folks who make maple syrup!
  • The last goes on…

Plumber fixing sink

Small Businesses Take Grit

We sometimes take for granted that if someone has a small business, he is automatically successful. He may be, and of course that is the ultimate goal. The truth is, however, that many small businesses struggle to get going and keep growing, and it sometimes usually takes awhile. Even when the business reaches a good place, there are many demands on someone who runs his or her own business.

Small business open sign

The holidays are a nice time to give back–to show a little appreciation.

Remember your small business owners! They have been there for you!


Maple syrup tapping

Here are a few ways to show some love to small businesses owner, during the holidays, and throughout the year!

Cleaning woman

Seven Gifts for Small Business Owners

  • 1. Try their product or services! Visit their store, purchase something useful to you, but realize that they aren’t Walmart. They wouldn’t be there without people needing them! Small business owners can’t give you big box store prices for hand-made, small-batch goodness and personalized service. You’re gonna get what you pay for. If you really want a Dollar Tree price, it’s just around the corner! But a small business has to pay expenses, overhead, employees, and provide an excellent product or service. Be realistic. If you want excellence, be willing to pay for it. Sign for small business. Cheap, fast good
  • 2. Visit their website/social media and Like or leave a friendly comment! It will make a differenceThumbs up
  • 3. Leave an honest review. Talk directly to the owner- If things didn’t turn out the way you expected, try to talk to the owner about it before talking to everyone else. Many problems are simply misunderstandings, and easily get resolved with some simple communication.

    One principle I learned at a hospital inservice training years ago is this: A person who had a good experience might possibly tell one or two people about their positive experience.
    That said, consumers and business owners depend on honest reviews. Its easy to forget to leave a review once the job is finished, but good and bad reviews do push people to one business over another Maybe.
    On the other hand, if a person had a bad experience, they broadcast it to everyone they know! Facebook page with cat4. Spread the word. If someone you know needs handmade soap–pass their name on! If you’ve used a great plumber–by all means let your friends know! This will save them the hassle of trying to find someone reliable!Children gossiping  For this reason, your reviews do make a difference! And I will tell you honestly that a good review encourages a small business owner for long after you log off of your computer. ❤️
  • 5. Say Thanks! My husband is always encouraged my a hand-written personal note. You never know when someone might be having a discouraging day. You might be the pick-me-up that someone needs!Thank you scrabble tiles
  • Stumped on what to say to a small business owner?  Just tell them something simple—how you really feel.  If you are having a writer’s block, some quotes focusing on appreciation might be helpful to get you going. You can find some quotes on appreciation for businesses here. Maybe those will at least get your own thoughts activated to make it personal. 😀
  • 6. Offer to Volunteer. You never know exactly what goes into a business until you try your hand at it yourself. Maybe try out a few hours one day in that greenhouse, or offer to make a delivery for someone. Or just lend a hand instead of watching! You’ll feel more like part of the small business, and the person will appreciate your willingness!Ladies in flower shop7. There are always Goodies! Everyone loves a special treat every now and then. Giving a gift that says I appreciate you really means a lot. It doesn’t take much to let someone know that you care. Homemade edible treats are almost always welcome! Freshly baked bread, a plate of your favorite cookies, Mason Jar mixes, a glass of lemonade on a hot day, or even a simple sandwich for a hard-working man–these loving touches are like little boosts to a weary worker.Christmas cookies

Do you appreciate a small business owner?

Our community thrives on small businesses. They are the backbone of our towns. I’m glad that we live in a small town, but, large cities also depend on small businesses. For small businesses to survive against the big monopolies that threaten their livelihood, they need people like you and me! We need each other! Man mowing lawn

Tis the Season

Giving gift

During this Christmas Season, I hope that you’ll take a look around and extend a warm gift to a small business owner who provides you with homemade goods, reliable services, and unique perspectives.

Small business soap making

Remember–not all gifts cost money!

Thumbs up happy face

Which Small Businesses are YOU Remembering this Christmas?

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Let’s spread some holiday cheer all throughout the year!!

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God bless you this holiday season!!

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