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Beans for Breakfast?

Beans for breakfast

Why Would You Ever Want to Do That?

I can think of several reasons to include beans in your breakfast.

White Beans on Toast
  • Nutrition—beans are a great plant-based source of protein balanced with complex carbs
  • Low Glycemic Index—Beans help your blood sugar to rise slowly, not spike, so you won’t get a mid-morning crash
  • Low in calories, so you’ll fill up without packing on a lot of fat
  • They’re not sweet! Some people don’t want sugary doughnuts, pancakes, or cold cereal, but prefer savory. Beans can fit.
  • So many varieties!
  • Filling! They will last you longer than a bowl of cereal
  • 100 % plant powered! No cholesterol!
  • Versatile! You can eat beans every day for weeks and not repeat, if you get creative
  • Delicious. They just taste good
  • Can go Incognito. You can hide beans in plenty of recipes and boost the nutrition without even telling anyone!
  • Beans are cheap!
  • Easy to store!
  • Survival/Prepper food! When we think about stocking up food for a rainy day, we automatically think of beans, because they store so well, require little prep, and provide concentrated nutrition.

What is Pease Porridge?

Buy your beans in bulk and store them in food grade buckets! OFTEN you can find frosting buckets for free at bakeries and grocery stores!

It’s like money in the bank having a little food for tomorrow! And don’t forget to grow your victory garden! You Need to Grow a Victory Garden!


Beans for Breakfast are a Culturally Diverse Food

Did you know that many cultures include beans for breakfast?

Gallo pinto, Austin Adventures
  • Egypt: Ful Medames is the traditional breakfast dish of Egypt. It is made from Fava beans and eaten with pita bread, olive oil, and seasonings. It is delicious! Check out a vegan recipe for Ful here
  • Costa Rica: Gallo Pinto is a traditional rice and bean breakfast combination.
  • Nigeria: Kodak—fried bean cakes made from black-eyed peas
  • India: Chana poori—a chick pea and tomato curry eaten with flatbread.
  • Tunisia: Lablabi is a soup made from chickpeas (garbanzos) eaten for breakfast
  • United Kingdom: include baked beans, along other foods, and the British commonly eat soupy beans on brown bread toast
  • Mexico: many eat pinto beans with potatoes, rice, or tortillas for breakfast.
  • United Stares: not many people eat beans for breakfast, unless you’ve talked a Whole Foods Plant Based course!
Ful Medames, a traditional Egyptian breakfast.

Most of the info I found at the following website:


I eat beans for breakfast at least two thirds of the time! I enjoy something savory and hearty, and I like how they help to keep me going. My family doesn’t always/often eat beans like I do, but when it’s tofu, everyone partakes.

Lablabi, Tunisian Chickpea Soup

Today I’m listing Seven of my favorite ways to include beans for breakfast if you’re curious or interested in making your breakfast more healthy.

Seven Ways to Eat Beans for Breakfast

  • Tofu: probably my favorite breakfast food, it’s high in plant protein, low in fat, and delicious! You can eat it baked, scrambled, fried, smashed, in burritos, or over rice, not to mention all of the sweet ways to fix tofu.
  • Breakfast burrito (black beans, pinto beans/tofu, or even roasted garbanzos): stuff a tortilla with diced veggies and your favorite beans! Add vegan cheese or sour cream, and it’s a wrap! Breakfast burritos are a delicious way to incorporate beans for breakfast, along with fresh veggies! Add grilled mushrooms for a delicious texture!
  • White bean gravy/toast. This is a great idea and so satisfying! The beans add creaminess to the vegan gravy, and whole beans bring some chewiness! Eat this over toasted whole grain bread! I learned this recipe from Diabetes Undone, a program for reversing type 2 diabetes. I make a recipe of my creamy cashew gravy and add in half a can of great northern or cannellini beans and blend. Add in the other half can of whole beans and serve over toast.
  • Stealth bean gravy/biscuits. Similar to the above idea, blend your favorite beans into your best gravy recipe. I often use pinto for a darker sauce, and add in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Most often, I blend in garbanzos and add Copycat McKay’s Chicken Seasoning Recipe to make a chicken-like gravy.
  • Roasted garbanzos.
  • Hummus—sweet/savory.
    • I like a savory hummus sometimes, spread on a tortilla, toast, or with chips. Even for breakfast.
    • Choose which type of hummus you like best. I probably like the roasted red pepper hummus best, and enjoy making my own, but often grab a container from Aldi. There are a ton of hummus recipes here
    • Sweet hummus—sounds weird, tastes fabulous! One of my favorite high-protein breakfast picks is this hummus with sliced Pink Lady Apples!
  • Just eat beans! Any kind will do!
    • Go wild and try one of the cultural recipes from above.
    • Keep it simple and pull out leftovers like Hearty Red Lentil Soup, refried beans, or your favorite bean soup!
Photo: Peas and Crayons

These are some of my favorite ways to eat beans for breakfast, but I’m sure that there are many more! I’m learning more every day!

I’d love to know about more options, because eating beans for breakfast is a very healthy way to begin my day, and yours!

Salted Caramel Dessert Hummus Spread or Dip

What are your favorite ways to eat beans for breakfast?

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️