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Homestead Update:  Happenings and Project Updates

What’s Happening at Ridge Haven?

Currently we have so many projects that are in-progress. So I thought a homestead update would be nice. Little by little we are tackling them, according to our time, money, tools available, and weather.

Past Homestead Updates

Here’s what we’ve done recently leading up to now.

Our roofing project

Cabin doors, camper canopy

Building update

Homestead Update October 2019: Current projects on the homestead:

  • Finish siding/batten strips on upper levels with lift
  • Batten strips ground level
  • Porch enclosure on camper for wood stove–installing windows, adding siding, adding roofing and redneck sunroof, door, and heat shield
  • Pressure washing exterior of cabin ALMOST DONE ✅
  • Next:stain exterior of cabin
  • Windows framed and reframed (add 10″ X 3 windows) on cabin
  • Next: install door and windows
  • Fix broken septic line (pewww!)
  • Soffits/fascia boards on front of cabin
  • Bathroom/shower place in basement of shop (let’s place this one at the top of the list)–install gas water heater, sink, toilet, get the walls enclosed and flooring down. Oh, and lights and wiring.
  • Exchange/repair saw that plummeted down off lift
  • Enclose space around camper (insulated skirting). DONE ✅ Thanks to our friends and their willingness to help out!
  • Homeschool project–boys and their friends have a greenhouse project going, and they’ve been putting in hours planting seems and transplanting tiny seedlings. This will be an on-going project for learning, earning, and social time.

The list goes on of what NEEDS TO GET DONE, but these are the started projects that we are trying to work at.


Glimpses at the projects

Homestead update
Cutting windows in cabin!
Autumn road
Our road and driveway in autumn
Homestead update
Tackling the broken septic line
Homestead update
Putting up batten strips, pressure washing siding boards
Homestead update
Moving the wood stove beast!
Homestead update
Lift work on batten strips and trim
Homestead update
Boys’ greenhouse project starting to grow
Homestead update
Homestead update
Our country lane

Homestead update

Helpers on the camper enclosure
Homestead update
Friends and family pitching in!
Homestead update
Planting the greenhouse seeds with friends
Homestead update
Brothers fixing the plug!

Homestead Update: Blessings along our way

Although we are in the midst of a hectic, busy, and overwhelming season, God is with us.

A few tokens of His care have encouraged us greatly. These include:

  • Friends who come to help out
  • Finding a used gas water heater for $25, and they waited for us past closing time.
  • Finding an up cycled tub/shower for cheap. I think $40
  • Finding same tub which “randomly” was Left-handed in answer to prayer.
  • Getting shown mercy when I clipped my neighbor’s mirror. Got it “fixed” for free. Unmerited but well appreciated. Another prayer. And we met a nice neighbor because of this.
  • Free windows for our camper wood stove room
  • Nice door for enclosure equipped with doggy door. $10
  • Answers to prayers for relational tensions. Just try to do all this simultaneously and see how you fare emotionally. I can’t say that we are passing with flying colors, but we can see God at work in hearts.
  • Seedling tray–a miracle that has survived our cat’s digging, boys running over it with the 4-wheeler, getting stacked 2 high and squished, and a downpour that almost washed all the plants away. Those tiny plants still kept growing, some in the gravel where they got washed into. A real lesson in perseverance and tenacity.
  • Just now–I kept saying I smelled gas as we were working on the enclosure. Andrew went to check something later and found this gas can which I think I had set down in front of the generator exhaust. If it had been full of gas it would have blown up. Thank you to our merciful God who looks out for distracted moms! Homestead update
Near miss on our gas can!

So…if you ask us what we’ve been doing, that’s a bit of it. Enough to keep us very busy, way tired, but still grateful. Progress is progress, even if it’s slow.

What’s new on your homestead, or in your neck of the woods?

Leave a comment below and tell me about your homestead update!

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  1. Hi Laurie!
    Wow! You have been crazy busy! Thanks so much for sharing with us on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! I hope you’ll come back this evening or tomorrow for our 3 Weeks of Thanksgiving Special Hop Event!

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