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Time for a Cabin Building Update!

DIY Cabin Building

One of the more rewarding and maddening parts of our homestead is that we get to DIY build our cabin. We have had help, to be sure, but not a full-time contractor. Thus, we have learned much, and continue to learn every day!

You may wonder what’s taking so long, anyway! I just have to refer you to: LIFE.

Life happens. You adjust or bust. End of story.

Little by Little, Inch by Inch

Hey–slow progress is better than NO progress, right? That’s how it is when you build it yourself! That’s how it is when you build as you have time and money also, like we are doing!

Since I have not posted an update of the cabin recently, I decided that today is the day! Don’t judge us on our speed–we are on a journey, not a race. Good thing for that, because we’d be out of the race by now for sure!

What’s new with Cabin Building Project?

  • Framing inside walls
  • Beams and posts
  • Floor/ceiling joists for loft
  • Floor for loft and Work Bee
  • Exterior doors
  • Window installation

This Spring and Summer we actually did accomplish quite a few things, just not all at once! And in spite of that pesky COVID-19. I’ll do another post on what we’ve been up to outside the property, because a solid month went into that!


So…while we aren’t lightning speed, nor are we a professional building crew, we are seeing some progress with the cabin building.

Just an interesting fact:  the wood used in framing, flooring, and everything else, is wood that my husband cut down and had milled by our friend.  This is a tree to house project!  
Cabin building

Friends Stepping In

One secret to our making ANY progress lately in the cabin building is a good friend who stepped in to help us. He’s responsible for helping us get going on the inside–framing, floor joists, posts and beams. We are very thankful that he has come so many times to help us out!

One Sunday recently, some other friends showed up, and held a work bee at our cabin. They all pitched in and helped make some good headway on the tongue and groove flooring for the loft. One man also helped us straighten out the back Dior, which had a couple of framing issues (a result of us learning as we built!). We are SO APPRECIATIVE of those friends who came just to help too!  ?? 

Last year I wrote about Work Bees. If you’ve never heard of one, read about what they are, and why we need to have more of them here.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.  ? 

Thanks for checking out our progress!
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Camper Canopy Update/Cabin Doors

If you go to these posts, you can catch up a bit on what we’ve done on the cabin and around the homestead in the past. We’ve lived here for two years now, and we do have hope that we will get into that cabin before our grandchildren arrive! (And let me say that better be a VERY LONG TIME COMING)!!


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