What’s Going on with the building project?

Building the RV Cover

The RV Life!

Although we have not finished the cabin, we’ve taken a little break for awhile. Sometimes things progress slowly for various reasons, like a long winter.

We decided to go ahead and build a cover for the RV, since that’s where we live at present, so this will make it more comfortable. This cover will provide more shade in the summer, and shed more rain during all of our frequent showers! It’ll give us a fun place to hang out too! Kind of like a little front porch!

Here’s a picture tour of the process! Tomorrow we set the trusses! I will take more photos for sure! The bucket truck gets to play a major part in that process!

First , they set the footers in concrete. Next came the sawmilled posts. You can see the progress of getting those set. The boys helped with all of this.

This week, they began to cut materials for trusses. They made seventeen, so the boys and Mr Troy had a lot of cutting to do!

I like how they cut all of the pieces one day, then the next day, they ran a Truss Assembly Factory. They really whipped out those trusses quickly! I have a feeling that certain boys got very motivated, hoping for a soccer meet-up if they got done early!

The boys did get their soccer game, and we got all of the 17 trusses made and stacked up! Awesome work, I’ll say!

That gave us a couple days between truss assembly and truss placement (tomorrow). So the boys and I got busy and cleaned up all the wood scraps!

We started a burn pile, then decided to transport the good, burnable scraps up to the top of the ridge where someday we will have our garden. For now, it’s where we have campfires and cook over the Dutch oven.

Wouldn’t you know…the boys needed to use the 4-wheeler to transport all of those square logs! That actually did make things go a lot faster, and for them, a lot more fun!

Little Guy and I used our time while waiting for the log transporting, to weed a small section of our hill. We have so much wildness here, that it’s hard to know what to tackle! But we just worked to clear the grass from around the roses we brought over. They looked much happier once we finished!

Aside from the clean-up and truss project, we just planted our seed balls for the Monarch Butterflies! The balls have milkweed and butterfly weed seeds inside, so I’ll be excited if they grow!

We planted a handful or tiny Air Potatoes just for fun. We got them and and mud balls from Wilderness Wildlife Week last week. They produce edible bumps that look like potatoes. I’m eager to try them, because I didn’t get a chance to last week!

ridge haven building update
Setting the first post
ridge haven building update
Front row of posts
ridge haven building update
All posts and supports placed with bracing
Ridge haven building update
Truss Factory
trusses ridge haven building update
Truss factory with Truss Jig
ridge haven building update with trusses
Stack of completed trusses
Ridge haven building update
Some people like to play!
Ridge haven building update
Cleaning up the wood scraps
Ridge haven update
Builder or monkey up top checking things out!
boys on 4 wheeler
Transporting wood up the hill
Boys on 4 wheeler
Ridge Haven update
Going at it!
brothers ridge haven homestead
Always happy on the 4-Wheeler!
Coral Bells
Coral Bells
monarch balls
Balls for the butterflies
air potatoes
Planting the air potatoes

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6 Replies

  1. Wow! I hope the new roof works well! I think my parents need something like this for their RV…the roof keeps leaking in one spot, even with some patchwork.

    Please stop by and share your updates on Farm Fresh Tuesdays this week!

  2. I can’t wait to see the finished product! Looks like the boys had a lot of fun “helping”!!!

    Found you on the Farm Fresh Tuesdays blog hop.

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