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Top ten most popular blog posts of 2021

New Years celebration We are at that time of year again!

The old is drawing to a close.

The new is about to dawn.

How fitting that the new year will dawn on the Sabbath. This will give us a moment (really a whole day) to stop and reflect on what the new year really will mean.

Will it be a new beginning, or a continuation of our old routines?

A Fresh Slate

I always enjoy picturing the new year as a snowy scene. No path disturbs the freshly laid snow. We can choose the direction our feet will travel. Those who come behind us will see and maybe even follow.

Peaceful farm scene in snow

Just incentive to choose wisely.


Back to the top ten of 2021.

Here you have them–the top ten most read blog posts of the year!

Here’s a look back at Last Year’s Top 10 (2020)

Top 10 of 2020

Top 10 of 2021

Top 10 of 2021

  1. Brown Recluse Spider Bite. How to Treat it Naturally. Hopefully you will never need this info, but it’s good to know. This post had over five times the views of the next closest post last year.Brown recluse spider bite
  2. Twenty Practical Gifts for an Off-Grid Man. Apparently, men are just hard to shop for! Add the off-grid element, and that makes it even more tricky!Practical gifts for off grid man
  3. The 101 Series. Biology 101 Review. A very engaging, fun, and visually-rich high school level science curriculum. This is my review. Biology 101 review
  4. Rocket Fuel–Homestead Recipes. Yep—you need this recipe during the fold and flu/covid season.
  5. Make a Charcoal Poultice the Clean and Neat way. Charcoal is the remedy you need to know about. I explain how to make it where it doesn’t make a huge mess!  I’ll be revisiting this idea, as I’ve recently learned of an even better way!How to make a neat charcoal poultice
  6. Seven Secrets I Learned at the Thrift Store. If you go thrifting, you may want to check this out!Seven Secrets I learned at the thrift store
  7. How to get your Bed Warm—When you live Off Grid!  Let me tell you, I use these ideas on a regular basis. I hate to be cold, and we live off grid, so, I had to come up with some ways to keep my toesies warm!How to get a warm bed
  8. Vera Bradley Bible Cover Makeover. This is one of my very first blog articles on this site. A quick and easy way to make your Bible cover work for you!Vera Bradley Bible cover makeover
  9. Making Rebar Railings for our Loft and Stairs. Bravo for our boys!  They did a great project and I was very happy to share their work!Rebar stair railings
  10. 21+ Practical Gift Ideas for an Off Grid Woman. I find it funny and interesting that people needed tips for men like three times as much as they did for the women (based on views). Maybe we are easier to please?  But seriously, gifting for an off-Gridder can be a challenge.21+ practical gift ideas for an off grid woman
  11. Adam. You got a baker’s dozen here, so to speak!  I threw in this post about Adam because it was only a few views away from matching the next closest post in views.   This is worth your time to read—God is good and He protects!  And who could resist that face?  😊 Adam

There you have it!

The most viewed blog posts of this year!

Once again, I am a little surprised at what gets viewed the most!  I do have to remember that older posts will naturally have more opportunity for views, and the new posts just haven’t been around for that long.  But it does help me to look back!

Top 10 of 2021

I don’t know if your favorite post made this list!  If not, let me know which one that is!

Finally…thanks for making this blog everything that it is!  Without my readers, I’d just be talking to myself!

Have a great New Year’s!!



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