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Top 10 of 2021, for those who missed it.

Top 10 of 2021

Sometimes I amaze myself!

Like when I publish a blog post that I’m in the process of writing. That’s what I did yesterday. The blog post got sent out, in its unfinished state. I quickly realized what I’d done and moved the post back to draft. But the email had already been sent out.

Consequently, when I actually sent the post to publish this morning, it did not get emailed out to my WordPress users. Yesterday, if you tried to open the post, you were likely directed to an error, saying the post was not available. It’s funny what one click will do!

**Sorry for those users who will receive this twice.**

Have a great day, Everyone!

Here’s the post. 😊


Top 10 of 2021! Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year!

Top 10 of 2021

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