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I Started the 75 Hard Challenge

As I wrote those words, I found myself shaking my head at myself. Yes, I started the 75 Hard. You may have heard about it. Apparently, this challenge has blown up all over TikTok and Instagram.

I do not care for viral video challenges. I don’t get into gym workouts, and I occasionally like to exercise. So, why in the world am I participating in this 75 Hard Challenge?

Honestly, that is a question that I am still pondering.75 hard on the homestead

I heard about the 75 Hard a few months back; there was not even a blip on my radar of interest. Curiosity? Yes.

I watched a couple of videos then, learned the rules, and dismissed it outright. No way was I going to do the workouts. The water was the other obstacle for me. I just didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t even want to.

Case closed. No 75 Hard.

Last week, while driving to town, a video came across my feed (auto populated) when I finished listening to something else. It was a lady who’d done the 75 Hard. Looking back over my watch history, I see that I did not even watch the video. I just glanced at the title.


Later, when I got to my destination, I did a search to refresh my memory. I cannot even explain it, but something clicked inside of me, and I knew that I was going to do the 75 Hard.

75 Hard Real Life

I watched videos of a couple moms, some random people during their 75 Hard journey, and a video or two about the rules. It did sound hard.

I think one thing that clicked was an honest look at myself. I’m not getting younger. I’ve kind of wanted to join the boys at the gym when they go, but that’s just so not my cup of tea. The time is the main thing–travel time, not workout time.

Yet, I see that I have a difficult time getting up and actually doing exercise when I’m home. So many other things seem more important, and bedtime comes before I’ve gotten around to exercising, almost every single day.


Ironically, the day I made a firm decision to start this 75 Hard, I took a walk at dusk, and that showed me that it’s best to stick to our property for the most part.

To read that tale, see Meeting the Neighbors.

While it would be fun if others were doing the 75 Hard challenge simultaneously as me, not many takers appeared when I threw it out there. This is not really the kind of thing you just jump into; you have to let it simmer for a while, and when you’re ready, you’ll know.

The 75 Hard is obviously not for everyone.

The author of the challenge, Andy Versella, calls it a mental challenge as much or more as it’s a physical challenge.

Learn More Here about 75 Hard.

The challenge is completely free of charge, although you can use an app that costs $6 if you want. I find it super helpful for checking off the daily requirements.

Here’s a list of things Andy says the challenge is about.

75 Hard

75 Hard Rules

There are six rules. They seem basic.

  1. Choose a diet for your health and stick to it.
  2. Drink 1 Gallon of water/day
  3. Two workouts, 45 min each, one must be outside, they can’t be consecutive.
  4. Read 10 pages/day in nonfiction book, on self-help topic. Must be real book, not electronic.
  5. No alcohol.
  6. Take a picture every day of progress.

There is no provision for off days, oops meals, cheat snacks, or anything like that. It’s just do it every single day, or start back at Day 1. Kind of brutal, but that’s the rules. That’s why it’s called 75 Hard.

Incidentally, there is another version going around, named 75 Soft, which is a modification of the original 75 Hard. It doesn’t quite sound too intimidating, does it?

The 75 Soft is still a genuine challenge, but I decided that if I was going to do a challenge, I’d feel better about accomplishing the original.

My 75 Hard Challenge

I’ll go point by point into the progress so far, personally. Woman exercising on rebounder

    1. Diet. For me, I already eat plant based. I’m focusing more on adding more whole foods, eliminating junk, and adding more fresh items. Glad for our Fall/Winter garden!
    2. The Water–gulp! That’s a challenge, but I’m chugging it! Trying to figure out the best timing, as I’m on Day 4, but so far, I drink a quart right away in the morning, some before, and some during my early exercise. I do another quart between breakfast and lunch, and try to squeeze in a bit more if I can. Pint jars waterI fill up four more pint jars and keep them handy with lids. I can grab one or two to go if I need to, and I can see exactly how much I have to drink.
    3. The exercise. First workout so far is on the rebounder. I really am liking that. I do stretches. All kinds of bouncing around, and have tried jump rope. That wasn’t too pretty. I also switch it up on the big trampoline, which is more fun and bouncy! Woman exercising with weightsBoth trampolines are outside. The second workout is stretches inside on a mat, more stuff outside, walking up and around the property, and some light weight training.

  1. Reading. The Bible is one book I’m reading, one called The Sleep RevolutionThe Sleep Revolution (which is totally wrong for me, I’m such a hypocrite), and Writing DaysWriting Days (a devotional for writers). I’m also reading 8 Steps for a Pain Free Back8 Steps for a Pain Free Back (necessary evil). I have no shortage of good books, it’s just settling on which one to read first.
  2. No alcohol. No problem.
  3. A picture a day. Kind of strange to do, since most progress pics are in skimpy clothing. I just do regular clothes and hold them close so hopefully we will see progress. I honestly don’t want to post these. Maybe I’ll change my mind, maybe not. You may just have to trust that my happy face means improvements.

That’s the program. 75 Hard. Rain or Shine. No off days. 75 days.

This will take me until December 18, I think. I won’t be cheating over Thanksgiving, because I’ve given myself wiggle room to include plant based real food. I won’t be eating junk, so that means I’ll be making healthy dishes to enjoy. (Read about what Vegan people actually do eat for Thanksgiving Let’s Talk Tofurky—What does a Vegan Family Eat for Thanksgiving Dinner?)

I’ve never felt deprived eating plant based, but sometimes the diet has suffered in the health aspects. You can eat vegan and still be shoving in French fries, funnel cakes, and cotton candy, so the focus is more than plant based. It’s focusing on actual healthy food.

Not Smooth, but Pressing On

I’m motivated. Some days already, I’ve felt completely awful. I believe it’s partly from my hip having some trouble with alignment. I get sciatica every now and then, and boy, did I get it this week!

There is also an effect from using the rebounder that can happen. Because the rebounder is so effective at draining the lymph system in our bodies, when first starting out with the rebounder, people can get a flu-like reaction due to toxins being dumped so quickly. I have been experiencing that. The trick is to ease into it, don’t just jump right in (insert groan here).

You can read my post on Using a Trampoline to Jump Your Way to Health

Also, this talk by Walt Cross is very useful, and explains what I just described about, plus more. Walt Cross on the Rebounder

Walt Cross discusses rebounder

I talked in a little more detail about how it’s going for me over at our YouTube channel, so you can watch that video to learn more. I’ll be checking in every so often on the progress.

I Started the 75 Hard Challenge (YouTube Video)

75 hard challengeClick for video

Well, now I’m sure you’re at least curious. Mystified, shocked, dubious perhaps too. That’s ok.

Let’s just see how this thing goes.

It’s better to try than to never do it and wonder what could have been…

75 Hard

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4 Replies

  1. Laurie, I have 4 friends who just finished this.
    I might try this sometime.
    Good luck on your challenge. I look forward to your updates!

  2. While the challenge sounds very interesting and good for some others who I know… I am not sure I would ever actually do this.

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️