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Trampoline or Rebounder for Fitness—Why I’m Getting On Board

Using a trampoline or rebounder for fitness

As promised, in my last post (Read that post here) I told you I’d let you in on my new discovery! I don’t enjoy every type of exercise, so I set out to find out something I’d stick with. Because, let’s be honest, the only exercise I will do long-term is the one that I enjoy.

Walking—I still do that!

I like walking, and sometimes I head down to the road and do that. My little problem with waking is my companions—the cats. When I walk, I have three buddies trailing behind me, and I love that! They make it fun and more interesting. They sometimes talk to me and do funny things.

We live on a dead end country road. If I go right, I walk for a thousand feet, hit the dead end, and turn around. I do that loop several times and get some good steps in. But the scenery starts to become a little boring when I walk the same stretch of the road repeatedly.

I’d love to go left and see more of our road, greet the neighbors, and such, but going left encounters dogs. Lots of yappy dogs, and I don’t want our cats to run off, get eaten for lunch, or start a brawl. I could leave the cats inside, but they really are my pals, so I don’t.

As you can see, I do walk, but I like variety, and I feel like I need more than that. They do say that walking is a wonderful way to gently exercise your whole body, and it’s low stress/impact, so I’m going to continue my walks.

Jump Up and Do Something!

Jumping rope bitmoji image

I did recently discover how much I enjoy jumping. I tried jumping rope, and I like that, it’s just so distracting since my pelvic floor decided to let me know it’s been neglected for some time, and jumping kind of opened up that whole can of worms.


We have a big trampoline, and I can get a great workout on that, which I’ve been doing. It’s actually a really fun way to exercise! It doesn’t hurt your knees with jarring impact, and it makes me feel like I want to keep on doing it! I plan to get a mini trampoline, or rebounder, as they’re typically called. I can use that inside, when the weather is bad, and keep up a good routine.

I’ve watched many videos on the benefits of jumping on the trampoline or rebounder. After one good one, they’re basically repeating the same info. Here’s my favorite video listing the benefits.

Very informative quick video

Jumping bitmoji cartoon

Rebounder or Full Size Trampoline?

The easiest choice is obvious! Use what you have! You’ll have instant access, and can see how you like it!

Since we have a big one, that’s what I use! Today as I tried do follow a jumping workout video, I noticed some things that I want to share.

This is a completely personal list for me. Hope it helps you though.

Why I Like the Trampoline or Rebounder for Getting in Shape

  • It’s such a mood booster
  • Feels like I can accomplish my goal of getting in shape
  • I can definitely feel more core (trunk to hips) tightening while I jump
  • You can do a quick jump session or something longer—it all helps!
  • Even “resting” is still bouncing a little
  • It’s never boring. There are tons of ways to shake it up.
  • Can add weights for more upper body benefits
  • Did I say it’s fun!?
  • Obviously—the health benefits—see that video above.

Pros/cons of using a full sized trampoline

The main Pros to a big trampoline are

  • Bigger area to jump around on. Run, jog, hop, flip if you dare (make sure you have the net), do a full body flop! It’s fun and soft!
  • The kids love it.
  • It makes a good summer place to sleep! Just add bug spray and sleeping bags. And maybe a fan to keep the skeeters away.
  • If you’re crazy like our family is, try adding a water hose and a squirt of dish soap! Good times! #lifewithboys
  • Hey—it’s outside! Listen to the birds and breathe in the fresh air! That’s hard to beat!

Cons of a full size trampoline

The only cons I found were:

  • Big and outside
  • The bounce is deeper and softer, so if you’re trying to jog or follow a routine, you’re basically in slow motion while the people on the rebounders are hopping like jackrabbits.
  • You have to share with the kids. 😉
  • Reputation. The nosy neighbor might think you’re goofing off. That happy look on your face might be a clue. Just keep smiling—they don’t know what they’re missing!
Full size trampoline
The only flat space we could find on our property was this ledge. It’s safer than it looks.

Pros/Cons of a Mini Trampoline or Rebounder

The Pros

  • Tighter bounce. This means you can jump faster and recover quicker. It pops you up faster.
  • Many are adjustable (the tightness of the bungies)
  • Can jump inside, in bad weather, or whenever you stumble across it (hopefully not literally).
  • Portable-ish. Some event fold. Most people don’t actually enjoy lugging them around but you certainly can.
  • Better for doing a workout routine on. “Let’s go Girls!”
  • You can still take it outside. On the deck, to the beach, up on a mountaintop, on a boat—I wouldn’t try a canoe.

Cons of mini trampoline/rebounder

  • One person at a time.
  • Smaller surface—maybe you could fall off?
  • Squeak, squeak, squeak—if you get one with springs.
  • The kids are going to want to play on it. Is that a pro or con?
Bitmoji woman on trampoline

Where to start? What Kind to Buy?

I’m not up on outside trampolines anymore. We’ve had this one for years! All I can say is:

  • Get the safety net
  • Get the biggest one you can afford. I honestly can’t remember if ours is fourteen or sixteen feet diameter. If you have multiple people, which is a lot of fun and a whole lot more dangerous, get something huge. Elbows, heads, knees—they’re meant to keep to themselves—not collide.
  • Get a good brand. Then again, I’m pretty sure ours is a basic Walmart brand and it’s lasted us at least ten years, maybe closer to fifteen. And a move. It has a couple holes in the mat from bottle rockets gone awry, but still is strong. They just don’t survive high winds and tornadoes.

Mini Trampolines and Rebounders

You can get many brands and levels of quality, but for now, I think a good, basic one is what I’ll focus on.

I have discovered that for the mini trampolines, the bungee style is gentler than the springs. I’ve used some mini trampolines that were super hard on my joints to the point of discomfort (that one had some type of straps, neither springs nor bungees. We got rid of that one that someone gave us). Of course the spring types are a bit more noisy too, but I think it’s mostly preference at the end of the day.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed about which one to choose, but one that you will use is always better than an expensive one that just sits there. That said, buy the best one that you can so you aren’t compromising quality or safety.

Some have a safety bar/handle. Makes sense to me. I’d look for one with a removable bar, because I’d like to have a little backup stabilization, but would remove it for workouts.

This Newan 48” one is fairly budget-conscious, and has excellent reviews. It’s a relatively small investment for health.

Some brands that people say are better quality for a long-term investment are Bellicon, and Jump Sport (rated best rebounder overall on the review site I linked). There are many options within each brand, but try what you can afford, and if you like it enough, then by all means invest into a better piece of equipment.

To read more reviews on rebounders, This article has done a pretty thorough review on several popular brands.

Bitmoji woman jumping

I’m actually excited. My husband lightly pokes fun at me up on the hill doing my twists and leaps, but it really is a LOT of FUN! I’m determined to get into shape, just to feel better, and each time I go out there and jump, those endorphins start to do their work!

Adding to the experience

I have added in some really light hand weights. I just use two pounds for now. It’s easy to jump with them, but it adds a little more for the arms. I use these little weights. They’re non-slip and I like that.

I also like to sometimes tune in to an inspirational message while I jump. I’ve always been picky about what goes into my ears (most earbuds hurt). I got these soft earbuds that loop over my ears but are still wireless and they don’t fly away when I jump. More importantly, they’re comfortable. I don’t know much about sound quality, but to me they sound fine. They’re currently on a half off sale and have a coupon, which I think brings down the price to lower than I paid.

Little by Little

I’m giving myself time—working on getting something consistent going, and hoping for the best.

How about you? What do you find that works for you, to help yourself to feel better, look better, and balance things out? I’d love to hear any tips!

We are all here to help each other!

Inch by Inch

Weigh in if you have anything to add to the discussion!

And have some fun!


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  1. Laurie,
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! Walking is my thing but in this heat, I just am having a hard time doing it. So my husband and I are going to start going to the Mall 5 minutes away and walk in the mornings before the stores open. I used to do this MANY years ago when I would get home in the morning after working all night. 5 miles every morning before coming home and going to bed…It should keep me interested as it will be fun to see all the hings in the stores and changes in the Mall for different seasons…I can not jump because of my knee replacement surgery…too much pressure on the joints…Stay cool!!

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️