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Make a Wooden Scripture Plaque, with Free Template

A Wooden Scripture Plaque makes a simple but beautiful accent for your home.

This Plaque also makes a great gift! Nice ideas include for:

  • Baptism
  • Graduation
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s or Father’s Day
  • Thank You Gift
  • Nursery Decoration
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Special Gift for your Child
  • Grandparents

This post contains affiliate links.

My boys and I made these plaques to give as gifts for people who donated to our mission project a little while back, and for friends who were getting baptized or graduating. We had the kids from our youth group help make a bunch, and we tried several methods.

One method that did not work quite so well was the Mod Podge transfer. You can find many methods online. We just had too much trouble removing the paper from the wood once the Mod Podge dried.

This IRON-ON method worked best and turned out looking the most professional.

NOTE that we used a LASER PRINTER onto FREEZER PAPER. I do not know if Ink-Jet would turn out the same. I CUT the FREEZER PAPER into the same size as regular copy paper and fed it onto the manual feed of my Canon laser printer.

Great news if you have an Ink Jet!

UPDATE: After releasing this post, and receiving a couple comments on people lamenting the fact that they did not have a laser printer, I decided to check it out a little more. I found that INK-JET PAPER TO WOOD TRANSFER is indeed possible, and can turn out very clean, by using a method similar to what I share below.

Please check out this video to see how to simply transfer your image to wood after printing with an ink jet printer. I have also seen that some people accomplish the same results by rubbing the image with the backside of a spoon. To me, it actually looks like this might be EASIER than the LASER printer method!


Please follow the steps below, then use the RUB/HOLD method to transfer instead of IRONING your images.

Wooden Scripture Plaque Transfer Tips

I now see that they make Freezer Paper in sheets already pre-cut for printers. That is super convenient, and would have helped me. I used the large roll by Reynold’s Wrap.

If I put the freezer paper into the regular paper tray, it tended to jam, so I do not recommend doing this.

My favorite Bible Promise!

Make the Wooden Scripture Plaque:

  1. Select your wood. We used 6×8” squares.
  2. Sand the plaques
  3. Stain, if desired
  4. Sand with very fine grit sandpaper
  5. Download the Scripture verses
  6. Print them Backwards onto Freezer Paper
  7. Cut out design carefully, making sure not touch the printing.
  8. Position the template onto the wood, print side down.
  9. Use a small piece of tape to secure the template to the wood
  10. Use an Iron on LOW heat. Securely press over the design, back and forth, without moving the freezer paper, until the design transfers onto the wood. Do not iron over the tape!
  11. Carefully check that the design has transferred by lifting up one corner of the freezer paper without moving it.
  12. When fully transferred, remove the paper and discard.
  13. Seal with Clear Acrylic Spray or coat with Matte Mod Podge

Display on a stand or hang on the wall.

wooden scripture plaque
Variations in wood grain make unique differences in the plaques
Get your Free Printables and make this project!

Free PRINTABLE SCRIPTURE Templates (several designs and several Bible Promises) available for printing as a PDF Download.

These are printable frontwards and backwards. You may print them frontwards if you’d like to display as a paper/card image. To mount to wood, you must print backwards.



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  1. Love the wooden plaques, except I don’t have a laser printer. They would make great gifts though.

    1. Linda, I think you might be interested in my recent update.

      Transfer is possible with an ink jet, and they appear to turn out very nicely. I put a video link into the post describing the process.

      Best wishes!

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