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Sabbath Thanksgivings

It’s Christmas Eve and bitterly cold. We registered around 2-4 degrees these last two days. That’s cold enough for me!

But, as our focus has changed to just doing what needs to get done for the pipes and heat needs, I’ve stopped to appreciate a few more of the little things.

Some of those include:

  • Warm house–well insulated. Insulation has made a huge difference! Hanging Insulation for our Home. We don’t have much in the camper, so we woke up to frosted windows and cold air, but nothing frozen, thank God.
  • Husband who feeds the fire through the night. 🔥 This is huge.
  • Transportation to church (my van totaled). I’ve been catching a ride everywhere with Andrew or Greg, and I appreciate their driving services.
  • Pretty skies the other evening
  • Snow. Just a dusting. It left the world sparkly but didn’t cause bad roads.
  • Cold temps to show us where to improve our system. This was Greg’s thanksgiving.
  • Good church family
  • Water bottle at my feet, which attracted two more feline foot heaters in my bed. How to Get a Warm Bed
  • Sweet cat friends. Ok–some are sweet, a couple are sassy, and one is a prude, but they do make life more interesting. Some of our cats, And others

That’s a good start!

Don’t forget to count your blessings!

Happy Sabbath!!



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