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27 Things You Can Do with a Cat Riding on Your Shoulder

Teen with cat riding on shoulders
Andrew cooking, Charlie riding!

Before Charlie and our little black fur ball, we never knew all of the tasks we could perform with a little sidekick on board. Now that they’ve trained us, I can say with certainty that you can do more tasks than you thought, all the while giving a nice landing spot and ride for your cat.Cat riding on man’s shoulder

This won’t work with all cats! If you’re wondering if your model of cat would enjoy this, you’ll know.

Teen with cat riding on shoulder
Adam and Charles

While walking by the area of a shoulder cat, if you happen to get into near proximity, don’t be shocked if you feel a thud on your back or a jolt as the shoulder cat hops on board!

Here’s the list of things we’ve accomplished so far while giving Charlie a ride. Sometimes Blackie takes a turn.Cats riding on shoulder

27 Things You Can Do While Holding a Cat Riding on Your Shoulder

Cat riding on shoulders in car
This is Little Tiger, whom we recently lost.
  1. Wash dishes
  2. Make pizza
  3. Cook breakfast
  4. Clean the bathroom
  5. Sweep
  6. Sort laundry
  7. Wash clothes
  8. Read a book
  9. Watch a video
  10. Eat your lunch (watch out–he might stick his nose in!)
  11. Write a blog post
  12. Send an email
  13. Use the potty
  14. Brush your teeth
  15. Plan your day
  16. Talk on the phone
  17. Make your bed
  18. Take a walk (maybe–he might hop away!)
  19. Drive to town
  20. Hoe the garden (see #18)
  21. Water your plants
  22. Take out the trash
  23. Trim your nails
  24. Eat an ice cream cone (see #10)
  25. Take pictures
  26. Pump your well
  27. Take a nap

Cat sleeping on shoulder

There you go!

Everything you’ve always wanted to try, but never thought possible, to do with a cat riding on your shoulder!Cat riding on shoulder of lady

I can assure you! Each of these activities have been tried and accomplished! The only warnings are:

  • A Cat riding on your shoulder can get super hot–like a fur scarf, only worse, because they keep generating body heat.
  • The claws! Ouch factor! Give them a trim and it might help, or they might slide all the way down your back!

We may just have unusual cats!Cat riding on shoulder

Just for Fun and more Weird information

A quick Google search will reveal that there are actually many cats who enjoy riding on shoulders.  This post illustrates several cats and their owners who love riding along!
I also came across several cats who love to ride bikes with their owners!   You can read about that here!

If you want to see more of Charlie, I have some footage of him on Instagram.  He’s a real joy to us, and to others!

Watch my latest Instagram reel here. 🐈

What do you think?

Do you have a cat who enjoys riding on our shoulder?  Or is it just us?

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  1. impressive. it’s so amazing that the cat’s stayed on that long. I think I would be a little freaked out if a cat just come up on my when I was standing.

    thanks for sharing this delightful post.

  2. I stumbled upon here after looking to see if others had kitties that love to ride around. Our girl is about 2 years old now, I taught her to ride on my shoulders when she was a kitten. Now she will jump up even if we aren’t ready & sometimes at the most inconvenient times! It is all in good fun though 🙂

  3. Super cute, hope as they get bigger it will not be an issue to continue doing what you do now.
    I visited you via Homestead Blog Hop 455
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    If you have not joined us as yet at SSPS do come and share your awesome post/s with us
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