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Action A measures height and circumference of his pumpkin.
Little Acorn measuring circumference.
We used this word casually and allowed the boys to have hands-on practice with what it means. I think the meaning will stick better this way than with drill of definitions.
Acorn’s pumpkin was the widest.
I tried to take a picture of the boys, and look who barged into the shot!
And look who else just couldn’t be left out!
I think we’re all here now!
Crazy Daisy and Babes!


We did a hands-on math day today in honor of Fall.  Pumpkin Math!

We took weights, lengths, circumferences, estimates, and graphed all of our results on a bar graph.

Each boy got a pumpkin and got to experiment with many different math terms and calculations.

To estimate circumference, each boy cut a string corresponding to the length that they thought their pumpkin’s circumference would measure.  Then they measured the actual number and compared.  Action A actually got his estimate and actual length equal, and Little Acorn was only one inch shy of being an exact match too.  Little Ambulance Man didn’t do so hot at estimation;  his number was about half of what the actual measurement was.

Afterwards, they each got to decorate a pumpkin picture to match themselves.  Eye color matched, the pumpkins got the # of teeth that each boy had lost so far, and the same # of stripes as the boys’ age.  That got a little crazy!

But, all in all, Pumpkin Math was a great educational experience for us all!

Little Acorn took an estimate of what he thought the circumference of his pumpkin would be. He then measured it and compared it with the actual circumference. Only one inch off! Pretty good!
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