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Little Acorn Boy and I jumped at the opportunity for free green beans for the pickin’ by some of our friends here. We picked and picked and got two buckets full.  Not bad. Little Acorn is a great talker and a pretty good picker too.

Next day for part of our school, all of the boys got to help “snap” the beans. We listened to stories while we worked, and the time flew fairly quickly.

We ended up canning 28 quarts of green beans, and are extremely grateful to our dear friends who offered them to us. They will taste SO good in the winter! Ambulance Man already asked me if we were going to open some today. “No way!” Not all that work to just open them up and eat them right away. We have to SAVE them for awhile, then it’ll be really worth it to  enjoy them!

I’m very thankful for my great worker boys.

Ambulance Man and all the boys helped snap this many beans!
All the Little A’s are proud of 28 quarts of beans! What a gift to have been given these, just for a little work! All right, it was a lot of work, but so worth it!
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