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Welcome to our new blog!

I hope to on this blog keep a record of our family’s homeschool projects, field trips, and updates.  I’ve never blogged before, and I’m just learning to navigate the blog pages.  Once the kinks are worked out, I hope that this will be a place for our family and friends to come to see what’s new with the Little A’s.

We are:

The Banana Man (Daddy)

Me (Mommy)

Action A, age 9, 3rd grade

Little Acorn, age 7, 1st grade

Ambulance Man, age 6, Kindergarten

Ambulance Man, Little Acorn, Action A.
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2 Replies

  1. Very good,we really enjoyed your blog,keep up the good work…and

    it great seeing the boys once again,the last time was at Wal-Mart…I guess

    we’ll have to make a special trip to your place…Have a great week and

    happy Thanksgiving,it will be here before you know!

                                                                        Love you all
                                                                                 Lewis & Nancy Bame
    1. Thanks!
      We are having fun with it! Yes, the boys are growing, and it will be nice to look back to see what fun things we’ve done. Sometimes with the daily routine, we forget the fun stuff.
      I’ll try to keep posting regularly.
      Thanks for visiting! That means a lot to me!

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