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We studied this week some about the stars, and how God garnished the heavens (Job 26:13).  This naturally led us to a discussion of what a garnish is and how it is normally used, like in decorating food.   Our lesson suggested that when you use a garnish, it can make the person receiving the food feel special because you cared enough to take the time to make it look nice.  This then prompted the boys to start making plans on how they could do something like this.   They decided that they would make lunch, and I could leave, and they would “surprise” me.  I could see wheels turning about just what could be found in our kitchen with which to garnish lunch.

I have to admit that whenever the boys want to banish me from the kitchen (and we’ve done this before), I always feel a bit of fear and trepidation at turning them loose with no supervision.  And for good reason.  They are great at “creating” but not quite so good yet about worrying what the place looks like in the process.  I often find myself wondering at all the noises and giggles, and what it could mean.   But I also remember doing this kind of thing for my parents when I was little, and how much pleasure my brothers and I had anticipating our parents’ surprise.  So, I agreed, but on the condition that I could sit in the next room and crochet–minding my own business, but close enough to avert any kind of huge plan before it got carried too far.  They agreed with this, and so lunch was prepared amid whispers and tip-toed movements, so that I couldn’t hear.  I was happy to let the boys create, and since I smelled nothing burning and no one was arguing, I sensed that the preparations were moving along smoothly.

When I was called to lunch, the table was spread with food, but all covered up (food and all) with our lace Christmas tablecloth.  After our prayer, the food was unveiled.   Everyone had done his part to make something special, and I could see that they each felt proud of the part he played.  The food was yummy, and all neatly arranged.  But it wasn’t until the dessert was uncovered that I could see the super creative work that had gone into this meal.  They had made a sort of rice pudding, and this is where the garnishing took place.  Sprinkled over the top was a generous amount of coconut sugar, dates, Gorilla Munch cereal, and …..A RAW EGG???????   Un-peeled, at least, and right there in the center of the dish!   That was certainly a surprise!  We don’t actually eat eggs around here, but had bought some awhile back for some science experiments, and there were a few left over.  Well, they did their creative best at using real food to garnish the dish.  I was quite amazed!  We shared the egg with Daisy, who was only too happy to accept it, and we had a good laugh and ate the rice dessert, which, by the way, was delicious.

These are fun times, and we will certainly look back on them with fond memories and great laughs!

I didn’t take a picture of the food.  But I did take one of us just after eating.  This is me saying thanks to the boys.

Saying Thank You for the great lunch!
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