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Not Pity, but Understanding

Aged couple walking with grandson
Mom and Dad with Austin

Not pity, but understanding

Not sympathy, but caring

Not a rescue, but a hand to hold

I don’t seek to remove my sorrow, but for a friend to walk beside me

Not prolonging the struggle in a sin-sick world, but freedom from pain

Not lingering, but remembering

Of happy times, there have been many


Of family love, shared laughter, table games

Of piggyback rides, hiking, and singing

So much singing

Punny jokes with no end

Groans and missed punch lines

Twinkling eyes and toothpicks

Guitar picks and old farm stories

Never claiming perfection; always jolly

His imperfection endearing

And prayers from the heart.

I don’t seek pity, but understanding.

Understanding that the world has been richer because of my dad,

And ’twill be an empty corner of our world when his cheerful smile fades away.

“I will wipe away all tears…”

Come soon, Lord Jesus. Come soon.

Til then, do not pity me, but rather yourself, if you have never known such a man.

And if you have? Cherish every memory, spread a smile, tell a joke. Love with your whole heart. Hold no grudges.

And then you will understand how my father lived. Lives yet, but not for long.

Not pity, but understanding.

Man with sombrero and twoboys
Adam, Dad, Andrew
Three aged brothers
Uncle Dan, Uncle Rick, Dad
Older couple at beach
Mom and Dad
Dad with me and the boys.
Dad and the boys at Touch a Truck

Dad and Aunt Sharon
Beautiful older couple

My favorite picture of Mom and Dad

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21 Replies

  1. Such a lovely tribute. A parent’s exit is one of the hardest things to endure. I’m so glad, for you, that you knew and loved such a man. Wishing you and your family many blessings of peace.

  2. Beautifully expressed. His life is an example of love, laughter and not sweating the small stuff. God keep him and all of you. ❤️

  3. I can only imagine the mixed emotions that ramble through your mind. I pray for you and for him. “Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.”

  4. I enjoyed the Poem and the pictures were so fun to look through. Thank you for sharing and being a part of the #UBC. Have a great week.

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