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Guys growing greens–who can top that?

Once upon a time, I married a guy named Greg. Greg loves growing, and what better way to grow when it’s cold than in a greenhouse?

But, alas!

Here at Ridge Haven Homestead we have no greenhouse–not yet! I have no fear that we someday will, for we have always owned a greenhouse! And we have all the parts, pieces, and supplies, but that’s a project that’s on the back burner for now.

Once a Greenhouse Growing Guy, Always a Greenhouse Guy

When I was pregnant with our first Little A, I remember well the process of waking up every few hours to feed the wood burning furnace which heated our winter tomato plants and flowers! When the baby came, we took him to the flea market at just a few days old, because we were selling tiny plants (and because we didn’t know any better then).

So, yes, greenhouse growing is kind of in our blood. It’s a hobby not fully developed due to time constraints, however.

We’ve almost always grown blueberries too, and thankfully Ridge Haven Homestead does have an abundance of those growing!  We discovered that last Spring!  Read about it here.

A New Crop of Greenhouse Growing Guys

Last fall, our three now teenage guys and a couple of their friends decided to begin their own little greenhouse project. Another greenhouse guy, Greg, just happened to have an empty greenhouse, and agreed that our guys could try their hand at growing some greens and things through the winter months.


Below are some random shots of their progress.

Homeschool Entrepreneurship

This began as a homeschool project to give the boys a chance at DIY entrepreneurship.  We love hands on projects!  See also Tool Trump Toys for more on that topic.  Also Homeschool Apprenticeship  

Passing the Growing Guys Torch

At first, the parents were heavily involved, then one day we handed it over to them, and it’s all in their hands currently. This gives them the chance to see some cause-to-effect relationships, plus they are learning time management, pricing, best marketing and contacting practices, and more.

Harvesting the Greens

Currently, the guys harvest weekly and supply greens for their own families, plus several regular customers in two churches. I have learned to appreciate more and more these wonderful greens, such as kale and even the leaves from broccoli and cauliflower! We are eating well thanks to our growing guys!

Enjoy the photos, and put on your thinking caps! Maybe you’ll think of something similar that your own young people could do as a home business or entrepreneurship.

Guys growing broccoli Guys growing greensGuys growing greens—lettucesBroccoli shootRhubarb chardPurple kaleBroccoli flowerGuys harvesting greensGreenhouse harvestGuys growing greensHarvest basketsMixed greensGreenhouse projectRed kaleSalad mixGuys growing greensSkyphos lettuceFirst harvestoGuys growing greensGuys growing greens

Get Growing!

When you have a winter greenhouse, it’s almost like your own personal Garden of Eden. The colors and life that you experience when you walk into that winter haven will encourage and inspire you in the greatest of days!

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4 Replies

  1. What a wonderful thing to do, passing on a love of gardening to the next generation! It’s so important we pass on our skills – like growing our own food, and cooking it too. It’s wonderful they are able to share the abundance of their gardens as well. Thank you so much for sharing this and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Community. Take care and stay well.

  2. What a great gift to pass on to your boys. They seem to have a green thumb. I wish I had a green house. We plant outdoors for now.
    Great pictures.

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