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That was so random.


I found my self saying that several times here this past week.

The more I find out about Austin’s accident, the more I am in awe of how he’s still alive. But also, the way God has brought attention to us to give us a picture of what happened has felt very random, even uncanny.

It deserves to be told, not to change the outcome or anything, but just to give a bigger picture of how Austin survived.

What are the chances?

  • That a neighbor woman who always chills inside decided to pass 20 minutes out on her porch that day?
  • That the woman decided to catch up/do a few games on her phone so she had it in hand at just the right moment (She said she normally wouldn’t be doing this). That her husband was actually home and able to sprint up the hill instantly. For a retired man, that’s impressive.
  • Thankfully, the woman was still on the phone with 911 when people who genuinely wanted to help talked about grabbing a chain to pull the machine off of Austin. They were able to stop that plan, which could have been fatal, though well-intentioned.
  • That someone who lives in our small town was also working in Kodak, and happens to be friends/neighbors with our church friend? So random.
  • That the above worker, again, happened to run into our boys sometime after the accident, when they’ve never even met him? Friends of friends and all that, but this one was very random to me.
  • First responders responding quickly is not random–it’s planned–but I’m super grateful that they had everything in place so they could rush in to save Austin.

Bitmoji random


Random/Not Random?

I’m not trying to pull funny things out of ordinary circumstances, but we can just say that I’m glad that the small details lined up so that the big details could fall into place.


We’ve been super grateful for so many family and friends who’ve helped us out. Mostly the prayers, which have rippled out like circles in a small pond. Somehow, those waves have reached the larger streams, and been carried along, touching many. Austin now has a global prayer chain. Truly that is not random, but planned by Someone mightier than we are!

Some After Effects

We all care for our children. We care for their physical bodies, but even more for their spiritual health. To that end, we pray daily that physical, emotional, and spiritual health will grow and flourish.

I believe that Austin’s accident has captured the attention of many.

  • Parents & grandparents–this just pulls on our heartstrings.
  • Young people–our youth don’t always have the occasion to look death in the face. Youth are invincible–just ask them. Or look at the way teenage boys live–it seems they don’t think about much beyond this moment. But this accident has forced some reality into some of our young people. Some of them have matured and considered the future more. Maybe some are thinking about the what ifs and their own mortality. What would any of us do with an extra chance at life? I pray we’d be wise.
  • Just anyone. Even strangers. Anyone at all who hears of how Austin survived realizes that something happened. Random events that “just happened”? Nobody at all believes that.
    Making improvements!

Random events and God’s Miracles.

I believe that God uses whatever He needs to. He can prompt you or I to take a different route today, help a stranger, or just keep doing what we do–we don’t often see how our small actions cause anything out of the ordinary. But sometimes they still do. And for that, I am forever grateful.


I don’t think so.Bitmoji image I don’t think so


And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

That, my friend, is not a bit random.


If you’re in the dark about what happened to our son, Austin, you can see These posts, starting with the oldest and working your way to the more recent updates.

7 Replies

  1. God has plans for Austin. Truly a miracle, many miracles, that he survived this unsurvivable accident. Still in our prayers, multiple times a day, for continued progress and healing.

  2. Not random at all. God’s Plan at work – with His “rescue” contingencies built in just in case we hit those “snags and sidetracks” – is crafted lovingly by Him for each one of us, His kids.
    Keeping the faith, and praying without ceasing …
    We love you 💕
    Grandpa Dan and Janet

  3. :His mercy’s are new every morning.”
    Forward to todays fresh mercys.
    A hope and a plan I have for you!

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