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He’s Over It.

Mama said there’d be days like this

Pretty sure Austin has hit the wall here. Suddenly, he’s trapped, he’s grumpy, and just not liking it here anymore. Not sleeping, hardly eating, hurting, and stuck in the bed. Can you blame him?

I’m feeling over it and I’m not even going through all of that stuff. I really feel for the guy. I felt guilty walking out into the sunshine yesterday, with Austin uncomfortable in the bed.

So that’s the reality of where we are.  I will say that yesterday Austin just didn’t have a good day.  Emotionally, he’s pooped.  He’s feeling discouraged and irritable.  Lack of sleep does that to me too, and he’s literally not sleeping at night.  They’ve tried melatonin to no avail, and the nurse did try to get an order for Benadryl last night, but the doc didn’t respond. So I’m hoping for catnaps again today.  This being a teaching hospital, the chances of that are slim.

Austin’s leg is swollen and tender.  The ultrasound and X-rays from yesterday were clear, so this seems to just be a part of the healing from surgery process.

His body functions are doing pretty well.  He’s drinking tons of water and eating a few nibbles of food.  I finally went out and got him some Liquid IV to add to his water since he’s hardly eating.  But this morning he did eat the bowl of cereal and a couple bites of fruit.  I’ve bought smoothies, we’ve tried juices, and he will drink the coconut water, but that’s about it.  His body just seems to be taking it easy for now.

He was extremely restless yesterday.  Wanted out of that bed.  I helped him up to the chair, and that helped until it didn’t.  You know how it is—being in bed for so long just makes life miserable.  His back, his legs, his neck and arm—they’re all sore.

Austin’s co-worker, Jim, from the Walmart DC

Thank goodness for friends who come to visit!  Austin had a work friend, an academy friend (while I stepped out) and our pastor and another church friend come yesterday. They provided some blessed distraction for Austin.  He’s just frustrated that he can’t walk out that door with them!

I’m hoping that we hear from the “team” what the next plan is.  We’d heard some time in in-patient rehab, but that was days ago.  This afternoon marks a week in this hospital.  I’m thankful for it, but Austin seems ready to know what’s coming so he so he doesn’t lose heart.

It’s a pain

The pain actually seems to be lessening overall, it’s just that leg that gives him the most grief.  His broken shoulder acts up when jostled, but doesn’t seem to be causing him constant pain.  Healing just takes time.  ❤️‍🩹

Sorry to report the doldrums, but Mama said there’d be days like this.  

Keep praying.  It’s darkest just before dawn, and even the best roads have stones. It’ll get better.

Thanks for everyone praying!

Austin’s recovery
From today.


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18 Replies

  1. Set mini goals, set a schedule. Things to look forward to daily hourly weekly. This gives him control. He is an independent young man and needs to see he’s moving forward. Definitely find out your transfer to therapy plan. He needs his own daily list of pluses and review in the evening. Angela are there. All 4 corners. Have him name them.
    Plus…no more surgery’s!

    1. He is doing great! If he is restless and wanting to move that means he has a will and where there is a will there is a way!! He needs to find something he likes to do while sitting or laying. We are praying and glad to hear another update. Ups and downs make for a great testimony. God is Good All the time!! We are cheering him on all the way from Greeneville!

  2. I’m so glad that he is healing, even if it is slow going for now. He had a very close call and it’s important to give it time. Of course, young people don’t like to hear that and it’s super hard when they are in pain on top of being unable to get out and about. Keeping the prayers coming for your whole family, Laurie.

  3. Father, Austin is so restless, and in discomfort. You know his need, whether it be thru revelation , medical care , or peace :he needs Your touch. Please minister onto him as only you can perform, executing his care as you know he needs, cause his wholeness to be as You direct. We are grateful and thankful that he is doing so well. May these things be swift as You see prudent and based on Your Wisdom and completely. Send staff before they are needed to help Austin. Open the Word , Your Holy Scriptures, unto him that he may receive thru thy Spirit . Thank you , Father. We are grateful for Your Goodness and Love. In Jesus’ name, Amen

  4. We are just in awe of God’s work for Austin. Not shocked that he can, but in awe that he chose to work in this miraculous of a way. Day one looked so grim and now everyday we are excited to read how improvement after improvement God is continuing to work. Just that his pain is decreasing so quickly is a miracle. The way is not always easy, because for some reason it shouldn’t be, but God continues to show that He is still holding Austin in His hand. What a beautiful witness to all who are following his progress and those who are working there in the hospital with him. God is definitely good.

    May you continue to be encouraged even on the down and slow days. Blessings.

  5. Still praying for Austin, he is young and I know God hears the payers of His people. We will keep on praying for all of you.

  6. I found your blog because another blogger shared her list of parties. And then I read a post about Austin. Having just watched the Jeremy Renner interview, it sounds like Austin has a lot of super hero in him too! My brother in law and sister live in Knoxville( John is the NBC news anchor). Cheering for Austin from Denver! xo laura

  7. I think my comment didn’t save. Found Austin’s story via a blog hop. Having just watched the Jeremy Renner interview from his snowcat accident I think Austin is a super hero! My sister and brother in law live in Knoxville (John is NBC news anchor). Hopefully the restlessness means recovery is progressing. Send thoughts to Austin from Denver! xo laura in Colorado

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️