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Accident Recovery Update.

It’s Monday morning. I was too tired last night to do an update, and Austin was exhausted too.

Sunday Austin had a pretty decent day. He met some more milestones, such as working with physical therapy, getting up to the commode with help, and trying to stand (there was a lot of yelling).

He’s been moving his broken leg a little more himself in the bed. He’s really been trying.

For much of the day he felt pretty good, then after his three times out of bed, he felt less than stellar. But…he’s eliminating, he’s exercising his lungs, and his wounds are healing. He’s eating a tad bit now–he’s definitely his father’s son, because all he wants is cold cereal and fruit. He ate a whole orange Sunday evening. Big success!


Austin always likes visitors. He perked up a bit when the Knights came, then Laura Saladino. He was kind of in the middle of his therapy at the time, so they caught him wiped out and hurting. It was still good to chat over his head, so to speak. Laura blessed us all by sharing a special song.


Jarrett and Austin.

Grandma and Aunt Peggy came before therapy. Austin was able to enjoy visiting with them when he wasn’t in quite so much pain. We are still enjoying the bright and fragrant lilacs and daffodils she picked from her yard! Of course seeing Grandma always makes the day a little better! ❤️

Rest and Recovery

After supper Austin and I both konked out. I was reading, he was catching up on his phone, and I heard the think of my phone falling to the floor, and looked up to see Austin sleeping, phone in hand. We napped for awhile in a rare time of no staff coming in and out. It was very nice–Austin especially just needs so much rest. He’s been through the wringer and that takes a toll. He’s gone through surgery and so many broken bones. His body needs time to heal.

Of course he needs the therapy and to push through the pain. But for some reason he can’t sleep at night much, and so if he naps at random times, his body knows it needs it. When he’s sleeping, or trying to, I remember all of this. Let his poor body rest. That’s how things heal.

I got Austin positioned and settled into bed a little early last evening, dimmed all the screens in his room, and the nurse gave him some melatonin. I left before ten, feeling the exhaustion, and praying that Austin would have some blessed sleep!

Monday morning.

It’s Monday morning now.

I anticipated coming in to see Austin well rested and strong today. That didn’t happen.

When I came in he looked haggard and rough. He was obviously hurting a lot, and that surprised me. He’s been doing better with his pain in general, but this was different.

I positioned his broken leg and he about came off the bed when I touched his knee. What? Nothing is wrong with his knee.

I felt it all over and found it warm and swollen. It didn’t look red, but it was excruciatingly tender. I immediately iced it above and underneath, and called his nurse in. The nurse put a compression wrap on it, we elevated it, and an X-ray was taken. Right now we are awaiting those results.

My immediate thought was blood clot. I spoke to the trauma team and the nurse, and they are taking it seriously. Ortho is supposed to come in as well.

Austin is doing more yelling currently. It’s pretty bad pain. We had the nurse release the compression wrap, and that actually brought more relief.

Prayers to this end are appreciated. I’m glad that are attentive and responsive here.


The nurse just came in, amazingly Austin had closed his eyes, and caught a quick few moments. Mr he nurse said so far it looks like effusion (fluid) but nothing else. He has some relief at the moment, since the bandage got removed, and maybe from the ice and elevation. Austin has his eyes closed again and I’m praying for him to get a solid block of sleep time.

This. For a long time. 🙏

Thanks to everyone!

Happy Monday from UT Medical Center.

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  1. Continued prayers for y’all and sending air Mail hugs!! Remember if you need me call. Love y’all

  2. Adding specifically those knee concerns and associated pain to the daily prayers for Austin – and for longer blocks of time of rest for him.
    Praises for the positive things going on as well !
    Always, we continue to lift you up, Laurie – as well as the family – in your journey with Austin …
    We love you 💕
    Grandpa Dan and Janet

  3. Your updates are detailed and amazing for all the people who are praying for Austin! This is a tedious and hard time, but just remember that Austin is a living miracle and God has a special plan for his life! I am praying that Austin will get good rest so that he can heal.🙏

    One of my favorite texts is Joshua 1:9, “Have not I commanded thee be strong and of a good courage. Be not afraid neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever that goest!”❤️

  4. It was nice to see you both yesterday. What a blessing that you are a skilled nurse. We pray for strength and rest, healing and persistence. ❤️❤️

  5. Prayers knee fluid clears, pain reduced and continued healing. Answer to prayer that care there is good. So so thankful. Air hugs. Mark/Dee

  6. Greg/Laurie/Austin, I talk to Linsey daily. She always ask for update. She sends her love and prayers.

  7. Praying for Austin to get rest and recover. You are all in my thoughts and sending you big hugs from one mom to another xoxo

  8. When I hear about so much yelling, my heart goes out to Austin…. prayers will continue for a reduction in the need for yelling, and for speedy healing and rest. The efforts spent to update all of us is appreciated and God hears your heart as you pour out to us in words on a page. Hang tough Austin, and know you are not alone and you can do this thing … whatever form the “thing” takes. Young, strong, and a warrior for Christ, He will not forsake you now, nor never ! (Heb 13:5, Deut 31:8, Ps 138:8, Ps 41:3, Ps 54:7.

  9. Praying each day for healing and strength for Austin. Also for the whole family that God continues to hold you thru the days ahead

  10. Hi Laurie,
    Praying for Austin. We have a Zoom Prayer Meeting every Monday. These are two churches, Billerica and Dracut, Mass.We added Austin on our prayer and praising meeting tonight. Austin will do all things in Christ who will give him strength. What a wonderful promise.

  11. We continue to pray for Austin. Life can be really hard at times, but know that you are never alone. Jesus is just a prayer away. Hang in there!

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