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Good morning to you!

And it is wonderful that we have the hope of the resurrection–we have the promise of life because of Jesus’ sacrifice. We have the assurance of a new birth because of His victory over sin, and when we remember what He did on this day, we can see the value that God placed on each one of His own.

Happy Easter!

To My Regular Readers…

You will see an immediate shift in my focus for the last half week of blog posts.

Our world was rocked to the core last Tuesday when our oldest son suffered a horrific accident on the job. We have been in a completely different focus since then. It’s survival, recovery, and amazement as we’ve witnessed the out pouring of love and support. There is no other explanation than a miracle to describe why Austin still lives. Mere minutes, inches, or pounds would have meant a different story, but we rejoice that ours is a story of survival.

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Update on AustinAustin’s recovery

Yesterday was pretty good for Austin. He got more rest during the daytime than the night, it seems. We both caught a couple of catnaps, and I was glad to see Austin resting some.

Austin still isn’t tolerating being off the oxygen, but they have been bumping it down little by little.

Today he braved moving his broken leg. Minutely at first, then a little more, he’s at least taken that plunge. He’s lifting it up slightly off the bed and a little bit side to side. It’s very painful for him still.

His shoulder and right arm are still giving him a lot of grief. That arm still won’t move, is still numb, and the shoulder is excruciatingly painful. I’m hoping to talk to the orthopedic surgeon to see what she thinks about that. He wears a sling which helps to stabilize the arm.

Rib pain and lung pain–that’s a given. He is dutifully coughing and using his incentive spirometer and flutter machine.

The highlight of Austin’s day was definitely friends coming to see him!! He had a friend and her mom from school come by in the morning, which he really appreciated. Then the pastor and his wife came, and finally a whole passel of buddies descended! Suddenly Austin mustered up some smiles!! And I think I heard some jokes!

Laughing was great for morale! It helped distract Austin from the pain, and he thoroughly enjoyed the whole time his buddies visited. I didn’t get good pics of that, but trust me that they were a hoot!

The normal bodily functions are being a bit stubborn. Working on some of those details. He made a pretty big milestone yesterday (Sabbath), considering all the pain meds he’s been on.

Still…not much appetite. Smells nauseate him and food trays get sent back untouched. So please pray he can start to get some nutrition in him. They are sending him Boost shakes, but he’s not doing those either. Don’t assume he’s being stubborn (I think the nurse may believe that). This kid knows how to eat when he is up to it.

In summary–pray for:

  • GI system–eating and eliminating
  • Pain control
  • Morale
  • That right arm/shoulder

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Blessings to you!


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20 Replies

  1. Yeah for the “milestone” he met! I’ll be continuing to pray for his appetite . So wonderful that his friends could come, definitely the best medicine 😊

  2. sounds like your boy is a fighter! Supportive family and friends will make all the difference. Thank you for finding the time to run the blog hop despite all that your are dealing with. Sending many prayers for healing your way.

  3. South Carolina and Georgia keeping up daily with Austin’s journey – praying like crazy for the day when Austin can restart his active life. God will work that out !
    We love you ! 💕
    Grandpa Dan and Janet

  4. Continued prayers and good thoughts for Austin. He has wonderful family and friends surrounding him which is the best medicine. Every day a little bit better. Have a blessed Easter and thank you for still showing up for us when you have all this going on. Stay well. XO- MaryJo

  5. Continued prayers from Ernie and myself and our church family. Lifting Austin and the entire family and medical team for a complete recovery.

  6. Laurie,
    Glad to hear that Austin is slowly improving…It will take time as he was so severely injured…I will keep praying for his recovery…Happy Easter…
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! I hope you have a great week!

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