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Since so many are interested in the progress of Austin’s healing (and surviving) journey, I decided to begin chronicling that here. I’ll be creating a new category on this blog, as he has a long road ahead.

Today I am just doing a simple summary of what I already posted to Facebook. To “catch up”, feel free to pop over to my personal Facebook page where you can read the (very long) post over there.

Here’s that link


Personally, I am still pretty drained. Just keep moving one foot in front of the other. Brain dead. This has been two days that feel like two weeks.

But we had some visitors today and as we started recounting all of the “what ifs” and “could have beens”, I’m not going to complain. The goods far outweigh the bads.


Here’s the update from today.


☀️ Good morning. ☀️

I am trying to send these updates with a new app. I was limited in how many people I could include with just my phone. I hope this works. I believe I can now add others who are interested in receiving updates and delete those not wanting them without having to start over again.

Update from Thursday, 11:30 am.

Where to start.

Austin’s big thing has been pain control. Yesterday was really rough. They could not stay ahead of his pain, and he also kept having muscle spasms north of his surgical site. Last evening they began to catch up, but they have made changes all through the night to tweak his pain management. Now he is on a lidocaine drip, opiods q 4 hrs around the clock, and then the other interventions. His leg and his ribs are extremely sore.

PT has gotten Austin up this morning. He looked rough, but managed to stay up almost 2 hrs. The dr came in and removed one of the two chest tubes and they are monitoring him closely for progress and complications. Tonight, if all goes well, they may remove the other one.

They are watching his kidneys. There is some concern there, so pray that he will be able to empty his bladder on his own.

Yesterday there was concern about a condition resulting from the crushing injuries to his muscles. While yesterday his enzymes were elevated, they have begun trending downward, and they don’t consider him at so much risk now. (Praise the Lord–that one had my gut twisted)

Austin cannot move his right arm. Not his fingers or his arm, and he’s having pain there. That shoulder blade was broken more than the left, and I suspect nerve damage. I asked the resident and he said just time will tell, but nerve damage is a long recovery–months, not weeks. Hopefully once the swelling goes down that nerve will heal.

His face/broken eye socket still has a lot of swelling. He still is wearing a cervical (neck) collar. As far as I am aware, he does not have broken neck vertebrae, but he does have a nicked T1–just below the neck vertebrae.

Austin asked for his phone last night for the first time. He “snapped” his friends, even though he could barely hold the phone. That’s a good indication of improvement. Friends are everything.

We have discovered the Ronald McDonald House and will begin lodging there for the time we are here. That is a big blessing.

Austin can receive visitors. Two at a time. They may move him, so text me before coming to make sure he’s up to it at the time and to find where he is.

These updates will deliver individually (I think) and should allow you to text me privately also. Please let me know if you know someone who’s interested in updates. I will copy and paste this to Facebook.

I think I will begin to transition to just doing posts on my blog, but haven’t figured that out yet.

I have been reading every message. I cannot respond to every one. But i gain strength knowing of this immense outpouring of support. Our family is all scattered about right now.

I’m working on a lot of insurance details and stuff, and thinking towards rehab and housing, and beyond. There is a lot on our plates, so don’t be offended if it takes awhile to get updates or responses back. When I’m with Austin, I’m taking care of him.

Love to you all.


7 Replies

  1. Considering everything he’s been through, he looks remarkably good. Praying for better pain control and healing.

  2. Keeping the prayers going! So much to be thankful for when going through the “could have beens”. Praising God he’s alive!

  3. Remember to take care of you, too! As a mom I know our kids come first, but you need care to, so you can take care if Austin. Sending prayers to all.

  4. Happy Sabbath. Praying for rest (for you and Austin) and healing over Sabbath. Under the circumstances, Austin looks amazingly good. I think his guardian angel has really been working overtime this week. We are praying for all of you thru this weekend.

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️