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75 Hard. The Journey Continues.

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Quick update with my 75 Hard journey.

Today was Sabbath. Second Sabbath means potluck after church. Potluck means a whole spread of tempting foods.Potluck food

What Did I choose?

I already told you, maybe on the YouTube video I made on 75 Hard, or here, that for my diet part of the 75 Hard requirements, I whose to follow the plant based, more whole foods diet. Eliminating junk was the focus.


I’m not saying people bring junk to the potluck, but often junk food does appear.

Imagine my surprise and delight to find a giganticly huge, stacked high with layers, chocolate cake on the table when I walked into the potluck. I could already taste the velvety texture, and I knew just who made it! The only man who makes huge and decadent cakes!

I mentioned the cake to him after church, and he proudly told me he’d used 18 eggs in the batter. I told you it was huge. Chocolate layer cake

Like this, only way wider. Seriously

Then I remembered 75 Hard.

Oh, Yeah…

I knew I’d better pass on the rich cake, against my desires.

I did not swear off any dessert, but gave the provision that wholesome, homemade, and fairly healthy were my requirements. The cake hit one out of three.

Instead, I selected a less flashy slice of pear pie, that even had a whole grain crust. It didn’t taste like chocolate cake.

Sticking to the Commitment

The food line contained plenty of tempting dishes, but I zeroed in on broccoli, garbanzo stew, and of course, the roasted potatoes I made. Plenty of other healthy dishes were available, and I ate a satisfying meal.

I’d have loved a big, squishy white roll, but passed on that, and did not go back for seconds in food or dessert. Good conversation helped to make the meal fun.

By the way, I’m not on a diet. I made a choice to take the 75 Hard Challenge, which includes picking a healthy diet and sticking with it without deviation for the 75 days. It’s a personal overcoming challenge. The 75 Hard Challenge. My First Four Days

75 Hard Progress. First hurdle crossed

One Step At a Time

It’s one day, one choice, one meal. But it’s also a series of choices, one at a time, that form a routine, then a habit.

I’m not here bragging. I wanted the cake, but chose the pie. But I also want the knowledge that I made one small positive choice for myself. That’s important to me.

That’s just how life goes.

One choice at a time. Repeat, and soon we have new habits formed. Eventually, even our desires will change.

Our brains are pretty cool, and our bodies are amazing. We aren’t stuck how we are, but praise God, He gives us the power to change!


Journey of a thousand miles quote

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  1. I have been recovering from shoulder replacement surgery and my sister has been cooking for me. Thank God for her help. Anyway we have mostly eaten Keto as she is working hard on improving her health. This has been a great experience and I realize there is very little I am now missing after 45 days. I think the 75 Hard Challenge is a great idea and one that can change your life. Sounds like you are really doing well! Congratulations!!! Cindy Rae

  2. Laurie, congratulations on taking on the 75 hard challenge! I am sure it was difficult passing up the chocolate cake (18 eggs!!!), but the garbanzo stew sounds great. I must find a recipe and make some. All the best with the challenge!

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