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My Creative Bible

My Creative Bible Review

Do you use a journaling Bible? How about a coloring Bible? Today I am sharing my personal review of the My Creative Bible from my years of using it.

My Creative Bible

In recent years, many coloring Bibles have popped up on the Bible market. When I first saw these, I was in love with the idea!

However, in the early days of creative Bibles, I could never find one in the King James Version. The first creative Bible I knew of to be available in KJV was the My Creative Bible.My Creative Bible

A Solid Bible

I know the My Creative Bible is not a newcomer anymore. In fact, it has established itself as a very popular choice in the coloring Bible industry.

Several years back, at least 6, I bought my son the My Creative Bible. He loved to color, was indeed a creative and imaginative boy, and he used it a good bit. He was pre-teen, and I got him the Brown embossed My Creative Bible.


The Gift the Keeps on Giving

At the same time, I purchased this Bible for my mother, but it turns out that she’s not so much into coloring in Bibles as I imagined, and she re-gifted it back to me. I hung onto that Bible for a while, and then, when, ahem–I noticed that my eyes struggled with the smaller print of my regular study Bible, I pulled out the My Creative Bible.My Creative Bible Pink floral cover

Now this Bible has become my main Bible that I take to church and use at home.

I think I mentioned this Bible in a blog post way back when, but here’s my full review.

This is my personal mini-review.My Creative Bible Review

We have used two styles of the My Creative Bible.

My Creative Bible Edging

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My Creative Bible also comes in

My Creative Bible Covers

Every single cover design on the My Creative Bible is beautiful!

I am using the Pink Floral Flexbound, Andrew has the Brown Faux Leather, and I love them both!

The brown Bible has embossed designs on the cover that make it look like an old classic, expensive hardcover volume. I love how rich it looks. I find that it’s perfect for both men and women, or maybe boys and girls/women, because I don’t know many men who’d admit to owning a coloring Bible.

The Pink floral Flexbound cover is a dream! Every time I pull it out, I smile.

Rich cabbage roses, foliage, and a subtle glittery sheen make the cover really beautiful to look at. The cover feels durable, truly is flexible, and has a cloth-like texture.My Creative Bible back cover

Back cover design that’s slightly glittery

After all these years, I still keep the My Creative Bible in its original box, and that is how I transport it to church. I’m not sure why I never invested in a regular Bible cover, but to me, the box is fine, and protects it. It’s easy to pop out when I want to use it, and I sometimes color in the Bible with it in the box.My Creative Bible box

Box is beat up but still works!

Inside My Creative Bible

My Creative Bible is different from other Bibles because it gives space for writing notes, but most importantly, it has illustrated Bible verses to color. This makes prominent verses stick out, and it’s hard to miss those as you thumb through your Bible.My Creative Bible inside

The font of My Creative Bible is 8.65, which I find much easier to read than my old Bible. However, this is not a large-print Bible. In dim light, I still find it difficult to read at times. Aging!

My Creative Bible insidePrecious promise


One thing I notice about the My Creative Bible is the one column design. I’m a little 50/50 on this one. I’m used to a Bible with two columns, and I almost think that I still prefer two to one. With the space on the side margins for note-taking, I guess the creators opted for one column. It reads more like a book.My creative Bible

Page spread


Over 400 illustrations are included in the pages of the My Creative Bible!My Creative Bible

My Creative Bible includes many single verse illustrations, taking up the margin on the outside edge of the page. The detail is good, and not overly complicated. This makes it easy to color with colored pencils or fine marking pens.My creative Bible

There are some full page illustrations as well. These are beautiful and often include a portion of a Bible verse.My Creative Bible full page illustration

With each new book of the Bible, an illustrated header announces the Book name, like Matthew, Mark, Luke, etc.

Paper Quality

This is more of a book-type of paper feel. But I would rate the paper as more thin than thick. I don’t know the weight of the paper, but I do find that I often wish it were thicker.Art Skills metallic colored pencils

I like these simple colored pencils.

I only use colored pencils in My Creative Bible. I use soft core Prismacolor Premier pencil, and Art Skills Metallic pencils (Dollar General, lol). I have never noticed any bleeding through, but I color lightly mostly.My Creative Bible and colored pencils

I do not think that the pages would support using any type of marker or pen–it’s too thin for that. That’s kind of a shame, since they are coloring Bibles, but I imagine using thicker paper would make the Bible pretty thick.My Creative Bible and colored pencil stack

My stack


Uses for the My Creative Bible

Obviously, a Bible is meant to be read!

That is the main point.

I use My Creative Bible often during church time and meetings. Unfortunately, sometimes I feel sleepy once I sit down for church, and I find that quietly coloring the verses helps to not only keep my mind focused, but awake.

Coloring Bible verses relaxes my mind, and sticks them into my memory with the help of the illustrations.


If I could recommend any improvements to the My Creative Bible, it would include these:

  • Concordance. Most Bibles have one, this one does not.
  • Maps. I love looking at Bible maps.
  • Thicker pages
  • Larger font

My biggest wish would be the slightly larger type. I don’t like changing Bibles, once I’ve broken mine in, so having larger print would take it into the future for me.My Creative Bible

My Creative Bible for Girls (another edition)

I see that, as of 2018, My Creative Bible has added two new coloring Bibles for girls, one in Purple glitter cover, and another in a Teal glitter cover. While I have not personally used the versions for girls, they look super cute, have some of the same inside designs, but more of the images are definitely geared for younger teens/tweens/girls. I know I’d have loved the glitter covers!

My Creative Bible in Other Versions

Other Coloring Bibles

So far, the My Creative Bible comes in the King James Version, and the girls’ version is the ESV.

There are many more brands of coloring/creative Bibles.

One I think is particularly pretty is the Inspire Bible in the NLT.

You can use the link below to explore other versions.

Creative Coloring Bibles

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Do You Use a Coloring Bible?

If so, which is your favorite?

What medium do you use to color in your Bible? Are you like me, and stick to colored pencils, or do you use other pens and markers?

Share what you like in the comments below.

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