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Winter Gardening and dreaming of Spring

It’s a week into January. 

We have snow on the ground. Not much, but the temperatures are cold. Our high today was 27, so that makes our little plants shiver a bit!  
Winter Gardening in greenhouse. Row covers
Last night we got to 15 degrees, and since we anticipated that, we knew we’d better tuck those baby lettuce and kale plants in for the next few days!  

Adam and I used up all the row cover we could find, then had to improvise to cover the rest!  We came up with some old curtains!  I’m pretty sure these are the fanciest plants around with their beaded coverings! But they should do the trick! 
Row covering for greenhouse plants for winter gardening

When we had our last good freeze, the plants froze a little in the greenhouse (unheated).  This made us all a little sick, considering what went into planting those little guys!  But I’m happy to report that they all bounced back!  

Winter Gardening and January Reading Material

As soon as Christmas Eve hit, my husband snatched up the Baker Creek Seed Catalogue and, after his initial look-see, we spent the next few days just staring at the wonders within!  

The Baker Creek seed catalogue is a work of art!  The colors, the food, the amazing wonders of God’s creation popping off the pages leaves our jaws on the floor!  
Baker Creek Heirloom seeds catalog

The difference between my husband and myself (in this instance) is that I look!  I dream, and then I shut the book, because I could never make a decision on something so important as which tomato would taste best, or which sunflower would I want to plant (I want them all). 

Seed catalogues

Not Greg. He looks, he dreams, he reads, and compares, and stays up late, and looks at reviews. He makes lists, he dog-ears the catalogues—he even pulls out other seed catalogues to check out their offerings.  Somewhere in that process I start to wonder if he’s fixing to move out to Baker Creek for a job, because I think he could pass a written exam on everything they’ve got!  But, then…somewhere when I’m fast asleep…he orders!  And he orders early!  Not gonna be left empty-handed this year!  
Reading seed catalog


Let me tell you, Greg got his order! Heirloom garden seeds baker creek heirloom seeds

He ordered things I’ve never heard of, and things I’ve always wanted to try!  He ordered melons I admired, and seeds he knew others would like!  He gave some out as Christmas gifts!  
Seeds for Christmas!Hugs at Christmas

Organizing the Seeds

Yesterday, when Greg pulled out the seed bin and the seeds I started to give him a friendly jab about his seed collection!  My little poke stopped mid-stream when he pulled out a selection of seeds he knew I’d love!  I quickly just shut my mouth and stood back to watch! Baker creek sunflowers

He got a handy-dandy organizer at Harbor Freight to hold and categorize the seeds, so we don’t lose track!  

Greg is super pumped!  And I am too, just watching his excitement!  

This year, we will have a garden with variety!  If we don’t, it’s not because we lack seeds! Organizing garden seeds

Happy garden dreaming!  Happy Winter Gardening!   And keep those little plants warm!  

Lettuce plant in winter garden

Just in case it will help someone, here’s a link to the list of Our Favorite Seed Catalogues!

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  1. Garden planning is the BEST part of January. I’ve already started dreaming. You have shown all of the great catalogues to browse for new seeds.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I am not a gardener; however, I am an artist and I love the images on the catalogs and the seed packets. I can think of a million ways to use them. I might have to check out the catalog. I wished we lived closer because when you are done with the catalogs, I would recycle them into another art form.

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