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Favorite Seed Catalogues

Baker creek heirloom seeds and territorial seeds catalogs

This is just a quick follow up post to my last post on Winter Gardening.

We enjoy gardening at any season, and so for your convenience (and because someone asked) I’ve decided to link our favorite planting catalogues.

Our Favorite Seed Catalogues.

These are Greg’s favorites, because, let’s face it— he’s the one who orders most of our seeds! And these are listed in order of his preferences, the favorites at the top!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

This is our favorite overall! It’s lovely to look at, and you’ll spend awhile once you open this one up! The variety is amazing, mostly of rare seeds and heirloom varieties. This means you can save your seeds! Saving Seeds for Sustainability. This is the inspiration book for our homestead. A family-run business, which has exploded, Baker Creek is inspirational.

Jere Gettle was homeschooled, and followed his passions in seeking out rare seeds from the ends of the earth. We like to see how his family has grown, and the catalogue is personable and quirky! it also contains some recipes for the rare fruits and veggies they feature!

Some say heirloom seeds are harder to grow. That may be so, but we enjoy them!

Request your seed catalogue here. We’ve been on the catalogue list for years, and the books are a work of art. You can get on the mailing list and get one for free!


I was a little confused, but now have been set straight.

Baker Creek has an alternative seed catalogue, the Whole Seed Catalogue. So the regular (gorgeous) catalogue is 168 pages! This one is more like a coffee table book, with 532 pages! I am ordering one for my dear seed addict husband to feed his habit! It’s only $13 with free shipping, so let’s learn some more about heirloom plants! 👏🏼

You can also request a completely pdf catalogue for free!

I could not resist placing a link to their main page! Ridge now, every seed variety featured on the home page grows plants that are—Purple! They are gorgeous!! 💜💜💜


Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds catalog

Johnny’s Seeds

The next favorite is Johnny’s! This catalogue has a ton of varieties of seeds, and they have both heirloom and hybrid seeds.

Greg says that if you want consistency and predictable results, you can’t go wrong with Johnny’s.

And their seeds are all NON-GMO! That’s super important!!

Johnny’s seeds catalog

Johnny’s also has a bunch of gardening resources like tools, row covers, books and more.

Request catalogue:


Main page:


FedCo Seeds

The FedCo catalogue is something you’ll never forget. All black and white newsprint-type pages, you’d think it would be boring!

But the FedCo catalogue is nothing in the lines of dull. Quirky—yes! Someone has a wild imagination who does their artwork! I honestly forget that there are no color photos as I immerse myself in the oddball humor of this magazine. And the plant descriptions are very good.

FedCo seed catalog

You’ll get a healthy dose of dry political humor, goofy plant jokes, and good information. I actually enjoy reading this catalogue.

As for the seeds—they are very good. We’ve ordered from FedCo many years. Their seeds are reliable and they stand behind them. I like to say that I look at the pictures in Johnny’s and order from FedCo, but that’s not entirely true. We order from both.

Request catalogue


Territorial Seeds

We always get the Territorial Seeds catalogue too. It’s very good. Nice pictures and a good variety of plants.

Territorial seeds catslog

It’s nice to have a variety to choose from, because sometimes one company will be sold out, and another will have it.

Request a catalogue


Specialty Seed Catalogues

Strictly Medicinal Seed Company

For herbs, this one is the top favorite. I know we often check out Richters as well, but Greg said this one is his choice for herbs.

Strictly medicinals seed catalog

If you can think of an herb that this catalogue doesn’t have, I’d be surprised! They have so many! My brain actually short circuits after reading about dozens of mint varieties, and a myriad of basils! But Greg will go through and figure out which ones we should grow, and I just trust his judgement! All I really want is some good pesto at the end of the summer! 🌿

Request catalogue


Totally Tomatoes

Ah…we’ve gotten to the tomatoes!

Greg’s favorite, his pride and joy!

So…a catalogue just for tomatoes? Pretty much, if you can believe that!

Totally Tomatoes seed catalog

I did see a few peppers thrown in the mix, so you can make a good salsa, I guess! And they have some other seeds, too, but their focus is tomatoes—why would you name it Totally Tomatoes if it wasn’t?

But, the tomatoes! Consider this your authority on tomato varieties.

There is no way I would be able to choose out of this catalogue. I mean, you’ve got pages of red tomatoes, then a section on yellow, green, purple, black, blue, and some that are so out there that you can’t really categorize them by color at all!

I love tomatoes! I love pretty tomatoes! But this catalogue is over the top! I’d seriously spend from now til Christmas deciding, then they’d be all sold out anyway, so it’s a good thing Greg already made his plan or attack! He’s like a plant scientist, no joke! Or a kid in a candy store! We will get tomatoes if it’s the last thing we do, and we will have them in every color!

Request Catalogue


I’m sure that you have your favorites! Some like Burpee, Gurney’s and others. Truth be told, we will look at any catalogue that crosses our path! But when it comes to ordering, these are the catalogues we most frequently grab for.

Who is spending their cold January days poring over seed catalogues like we are?

What are you planning to plant in this year’s garden!

Share below, and we can compare!

🍅 🌻 🍆 🫑 🍉

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  1. We haven’t spent much time looking at specific seed catalogues — maybe we should. We tend to buy what’s at our favorite local nursery. I will have to check some of these out!

  2. Thank you for your list. Quite a few people recommends Johnny’s. I have luck with Veseys and West Coast Seeds here in Canada so will stick with them.

  3. With a few recent disappointments I’ve actually switched from buying my heirloom seeds from Baker Creek to MI Gardener. I LOVE the Baker Creek catalog, though! The pictures are always beautiful! The planning, dreaming and hoping part of gardening is always my most favorite part of the entire year.

    What a fabulous post!

  4. I’m always using the same seed company books over and over. But I love your selections and will have to check them out with Lia for her garden! Thanks for the awesome info!

  5. I usually order from Hoss Tools, Johnnys and Botanical Interests. I absolutely love getting the seed catalogs and it makes me so giddy to for spring planting!

  6. I haven’t seen or received a seed or tree catalog in years! Thanks so much for linking up at the 25 and Done Link Party 1. Shared onto Fb, Pn, and Tw!

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