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It’s November! The Time to Count our Blessings!

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As we begin this month, let’s take some time to focus every day on our blessings!

To make this fun and easy, I’ve collected a few resources to share with you. Most of these are shared and created by other bloggers, so that’s something you can be grateful for!

This post contains affiliate links

Thanksgiving & Blessings Coloring pages

When our boys were little, they loved coloring pages. And I always appreciated those that didn’t contain super silly cartoony images. I still like cute scenes and especially those with Bible verses on them to point us all upward!

The coloring pages here are appropriate for any age! Some are frame-able to display once you’ve colored them.

I’ve included a screenshot of a couple of the coloring pages with links back to the original source so you can go there and download the whole packages.  I did not make these pages. 

Darling Thanksgiving animal coloring page with scripture


Thanksgiving coloring page

SUPER CUTE coloring pages with Bible verse about Thanksgiving No email required.

Thanksgiving coloring page

Very nice, framable Thanksgiving coloring page

Thanksgiving coloring page

Coloring pages and Thanksgiving Activity Pages

A Bunch of really cute Christian Thanksgiving coloring pages

Karla Dornacher has tons of free, sweet printable coloring pages. I’ve downloaded many over the years. She has bookmarks to print and color as well.

Thanksgiving and Blessings Coloring Books

At different times we have not had easy access to a good printer. In those times, I preferred to just have a pre-printed book to work from.

So here are some coloring books that will help you and your kids remember to count their blessings this season.

Not free, but I found this darling coloring book designed by a homesteading/homeschooling family! Sweet hand-drawn pictures depict peaceful family and homestead scenes. Order from the Homestead Blessings website!

Homestead Blessings Coloring book

Another coloring book designed by a mom is Autumn Blessings, sold on amazon.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Adult Coloring Book. This is an ADULT coloring book, because it’s pretty detailed, but any child who can focus would also enjoy it. It contains pretty images with Bible verses.


This journal is a nice way to combine a Bible passage, a coloring page, and journaling. It is a 25-day journal, so it fits the time between now and Thanksgiving. It doesn’t just have to be used at Thanksgiving season, though.

If you want something to jog your memory while doing your own journaling, here is a Christian journaling prompts printable that will help.

There are tons of gratitude journaling prompt lists out on the web, but to me it’s very important that they are scripturally connected, to bring our minds closer to what God has done for us.

All resources on this page are Christian, Bible-based, and faith-friendly.

Resources for Thanksgiving blessings
A couple resources I printed out on colorful paper and laminated

You can print out a gratitude journal booklet designed for children to fill in. This may be nice to do as a family. Some children would love more pages to write in, and some (like mine) would NOT BE GRATEFUL for more pages to complete. But these are simple and cute.

Bible Verse Cards for Thanksgiving and Thankfulness

It’s nice to have Bible verses printed out on small cards that can be laminated (or not) and cut out to put on a ring or places around the home. These are good for memorizing and also just to keep God’s word before our eyes.

I printed mine on colorful paper and laminated them to use at worship time.

Another use of your Bible verse cards is to choose one to pray about. You can do this individually or in a family prayer. Praying the scriptures helps me to focus better in my prayers.

In fact, a few years ago, our boys were making and selling some simple Prayer Cards from Melody Mason, for a mission project, which had Bible verses on one side and a prayer prompt on the back. They are still free to print yourself!

Prayer cards
Printable prayer/Scripture Cards

Cute Bible Verse Thanksgiving cards

Pretty Printable Thanksgiving Scripture Cards from Redeeming Home

Family Activities to Promote Gratefulness

Happy thanksgiving image

I’m thankful for a list a friend blogger shared of some great ideas to incorporate gratefulness into your everyday life at home. I printed out the list and laminated it for us to work on this month. Sometimes it’s just handy to have ideas already thought out!

Gratitude Activities Printable

One thing that our family has done every year, that is included on that list, is a Blessing Tree. I think we’ve skipped it for a couple years, but we will make one again this year! It’s a wonderful way to count your blessings, and since it’s visible, everyone who walks by it will remember to count theirs too!!

Our Blessing Tree from 11 years ago!!!

Read about a blog post I wrote way back in  the Thanksgiving time of 2012, from a blog archive off my Lessons and Lessons blog.  Counting our Blessings blog post!  

If you’d like to make something like a blessings tree, but are concerned about how it will fit into your home decor, check out what CoCo has done in her home!  She’s made the blessings and appreciation projects a bit more beautiful without sacrificing the meaning!  Her post can be found here:  How to Show More Appreciation This Holiday Season

I especially love how when we voice our thankfulness it helps us to feel more thankful!

I also printed out these Thanksgiving Conversation Starters from Jennifer Flanders. She made them for the Thanksgiving table conversation, but I plan to keep them in a mason jar for us to choose during our worship time in the evening.

Autumn blessings image
For the Littles and Everyone

Sometimes it’s nice to remind our children how important they are to US! This can help them to be able to see how they also are thankful for others. Its important to fill up their love cup so they can overflow to others!

Try reading some books like this one, entitled You’re My Little Answered Prayer, from Precious Moments. It’s a little board book to remind our little ones of their place in our family and to read with everyone.



We like to use the Visualized songs from My Bible First! Count Your Blessings, Giving Thanks, Give, Said the Little Stream

My Bible FirstMy Bible First My Bible First
We use these in the whole family at worship time.
By the way, My Bible First has a ton of songs like these that are beautifully illustrated, plus many Bible study tools for kids!  Very affordable, made by homeschool families!

And how about a song just to lift your spirits? I’ve been playing this song frequently around our home, since our choir will be singing this in a couple of weeks. I do happen to like Josh Groban’s version.

Listen with the link:

Thankful, from Josh Groban

Purchase the entire audio CD here, on amazon.com

Signs and Printables

Give Thanks sign

Give thanks sign printable May your month be filled with blessings and may you stop every day to express gratitude to others and to God for each blessing!

Thanksgiving vintage card


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    I’m excited to check out some of these other resources. I’m amazed at how many creative ideas there are out there!

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