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Recipe for Simple Autumn Apple Dip–A Healthy Fall Snack

simple autumn apple dip

Do you love apples? I do! I enjoy many different varieties!

With September here, it’s back to school time, Autumn is just around the corner! ? That always makes me think of apples! ?

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Apples for the teacher, applesauce making, and bobbing for apples are just a few fun Autumn Apple activities. But apples are just perfect to hide in a pocket or sack for a healthy snack, dessert or breakfast. 

What goes well with apples? 

Of course, this Simple Autumn Apple Dip!  Thanks for asking!  


For added nutrition and variety to plain apples, I love to make my Simple Autumn Apple Dip–in fact, I make it almost every day for breakfast! I’ve been making this dip for years now, and never tire of it. I love to eat this dip with Pink Lady apples–they’re my absolute favorites, but you pick your favorite!

Simple autumn Apple dip

My simple Autumn Apple dip provides minerals, packs a protein punch, and gives some healthy carbs to fuel you through your day!

This Simple Autumn Apple Dip incorporates the goodness of pure Blackstrap Molasses, a wonderful vegan source of minerals, including iron.  Just one serving of Blackstrap Molasses provides anywhere from 12-25% of your RDA for Iron (depending on your brand), so that’s worth taking note of.  Blackstrap Molasses also provides a good amount of Calcium, up to 20% of your RDA in 1 TBS–and this recipe takes 2!

We purchase Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses locally, and we buy it in the 1-Gallon sized bottle.  The price is much better for the Gallon size, but it comes in the 1-quart size as well.  We’ve tried several brands of molasses, but prefer the Golden Barrel for taste and mineral content.   For ease of use, I store my blackstrap molasses in a recycled honey bear container.  It works well in the honey bear for drizzling, and makes less of a mess!

The only other necessary ingredient is your favorite Peanut Butter!  We like the natural brands, that just contain Peanuts and Salt.  No surprises, nothing to make you wonder about what it is!  Be sure to see how we stir ours, below!  

So, what are we waiting for?  We need to share the recipe!  

Here it is!

Simple Autumn Apple Dip


That’s it!  

Didn’t I say it was simple?  

  • Just mix the two ingredients directly into your serving bowl, stir around, and serve with your favorite apple slices.  I really love it with a slightly tart apple, like a Pink Lady, or a Granny Smith (see my story below about the Apple Slicer)
  • Works great also on bananas (especially frozen), or spread on rice cakes or crackers.  
  • By the way, this is how we stir PB in our house.  Our boys came up with this plan, and it works great!  stirring PB video
  • Yummy add-ins include
    • Raisins,
    • Pumpkin Seeds
    • Chopped nuts
    • Date pieces
    • Carob or Chocolate chips
    • Coconut shreds

My pictures are a little pale, but you’ll get the idea!  

Simple Autumn Apple dip
Measure the PB and Molasses

Simple Autumn Apple Dip
Stir it together

Apple Slicer
My Apple Slicer Gift

Simple Autumn Apple Dip
Simple Ingredients

Simple Autumn Apple Dip
Simple Goodness

Simple Autumn Apple Dip
Simple and good!

You may be surprised at how delicious this dip is with just two ingredients!  I cannot even remember why I decided on mixing the two, but one day I tried it, and I’ve been hooked for years now!  My kids also make their own dip as well, and we eat this often in our home.  

This recipe also pairs well with my Breakfast Tofu Scramble Recipe

Now I remember!  

When I was pregnant, I ran low in iron. My friend recommended supplementing with blackstrap molasses on toast, but it was way too sweet for me that way. I tried it mixed with PB, and the flavors combined very nicely, reminding me of a caramel apple dip a little bit.

This picture has been circulating around Facebook recently. Maybe you’ll find just the perfect blend of sweet/tart by consulting this handy chart.

Not my photo, just circulating what I thought looked neat!

Have you used an Apple Slicer?

Just a funny story about the Apple Slicer I never dreamed that I’d need one, but my youngest son had other plans! He was only 12, and come Christmas time, he wanted me to take him to the grocery store. So I took him, but he did not want me to shop with him. This made it a little awkward, but I remained in the front of the store while he shopped. It was all so mysterious! He furtively paid for his order, and I maintained his secrecy, keeping my back turned toward him. The clerks smiled as they realized what was taking place.

On Christmas morning, I opened my shiny red apple slicer, amid grins on Adam’s sweet face! I have used that gadget more times than I would have thought, and have also smiled to my husband as he has asked me numerous times if he could borrow it! They say to give a gift that you’d love to receive, and he did just that!

Have fun with the dip, and enjoy your Autumn Apples!

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