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Encouraging meme reset your homeschool day

Reset your homeschool day!

How do you know if you need a reset for your homeschool day?

Round Reset Button

Have you ever wished that you could just jump back into bed, and wake up again, so that you could begin your homeschool day all over again? I have certainly been there! In fact, sometimes, I’d just like to crawl back under my covers and stay there! But, with the life we lead as homeschooling parents, neither choice is a real option. After all, someone has to make breakfast, get the kids going, and keep the schoolwork moving along. At our house, that someone is usually Yours Truly! And if you’re reading this, then that someone is probably YOU! Right?!?

We all have the days when everything seems to go wrong right from the start! Everyone takes things personally on those kinds of days, and the emotions run high. Mom looks at the kids and sees trouble, and they eye her warily as well. Boy, have we been there!

On those kinds of days…what can you do?

I wrote this article recently for the homeschool blog team that I am a part of.  I hope that you will be encouraged and inspired in your homeschool today!



Reset Your Homeschool Day – SDA Homeschool Families
— Read on www.sdahomeschools.org/reset-your-homeschool-day/

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