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Continuing my thankful habit: Neckties.

Today I looked over at my husband’s rack of neckties, and I had to smile.

I recalled a day last week much like today. Cold, rainy, dark.

We’d gone into town in search of yet another part for a project, and my husband obliged me by agreeing to stroll through one of our local thrift stores.

I enjoy this habit; I’ve never known Greg to ever try it, so I braced myself for a very brief walk-through. That was fine, though. Sometimes it’s just fun to look. Although, when I try to thrift shop hunt with a naysayer, I feel kind of unsettled and in a rush, so I really can’t enter in to the thrift shop mode very well.

I glanced at a sweater I’d seen before and tried it on, but didn’t like it, so put it back. Expectedly, I didn’t feel much into looking for anything for myself. Mainly because I really don’t need anything. I found a knit skirt that was practical, and then decided to just see what Greg was up to.

I showed him the necktie rack and told him he might enjoy seeing if there was anything he’d wear. “They only charge one to two dollars here.”

Apparently that was all he needed to hear. He actually went to the counter to verify this, and, yes, each tie was priced at only one dollar.


Suddenly, he was having fun!

Disclaimer here: if there’s one thing my husband likes above just about anything else, it’s a bargain.

Surprisingly, most of the ties were from this era, not the 60’s and 70’s like many thrift shops. And many of Greg’s own ties came to us with our marriage, so he actually was due for an update.

I had to snicker. He selected many ties, and just kept finding more. He found some for his friend at church, and then found a couple more after that. He found some I never thought he’d like, and branched out a bit.

“For only a dollar, why not?” 😜

I won’t tell you how many ties we walked out with, but it’s safe to say that you won’t see a repeat for awhile. I even found him a couple of dress shirts, which he sorely needed. We spent less for all of that than we’d have dropped on one item new, and everything looks great! Neckties

Some old, some new. Greg’s neckties

So, what does this have to do with thankfulness?


I am thankful for my husband and our little outing. It was random, it was cheap, and it was no big deal. But I do enjoy spending time (that’s not always work!!!!) with my husband. I felt so energized, and I didn’t find anything wonderful and unique for myself. It was just fun and not stressful, a moment of lightness tucked into the darkness of serious issues we are dealing with. Obviously, quality time is one of my strongest love languages.

Seize the day sometimes. Enjoy a little moment or two. We did, and that is why every time I look at Greg’s ties, I smile.

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