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Let me introduce you to my favorite little vintage thrift store!

Tucked away in a miniature strip mall in the lowly town of Rogersville, TN, sits an often-overlooked place of wonder.

At least for those of us who love vintage, homey, and thrifty.

Vintage thrift store at Christmas

And I do love those things, even just to stroll through and window shop, which is generally all that I do!

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Seven Secrets I Learned at the Thrift Store

Wendy’s simple treasures and consignments


Wendy’s Simple Treasures and Consignments is just a fun place to visit!

It’s no ordinary thrift store, but a cross between thrift, consignment, and antique store.

I’m not the only one who loves this store!  But from what I can tell, there’s no website or social media connections yet.  You can read theTrip Advisor review, though.

Wendy’s simple treasures

Walk inside the doors, and you’ll be greeted by a homey atmosphere and friendly ladies tending the wares. Here and there, you will find vintage furniture set up resembling actual rooms out of antique homes.   Last time I visited, they had actually sold many of their furniture pieces, but they will somehow get more!
Antiques and vintage items at Wendy’s simple treasures

For Christmas, I found many cool vintage home items. It really took me back, looking at so many things we actually owned when I was a child, and, of course, before. Who knew that my family owned such classy stuff?  Retrospect really does make things look better.

White Christmas tree decorated with vintage ornaments

Kind of a wild Christmas tree!

Vintage wood sign

Looking Back with Nostalgia

When I see how cheap we have gone in terms of quality and durability, I see that we really did have it better. We had toys made of metal and wood, and the plastic we did have was harder than what comes out of China these days. 

Vintage dolls

Wendy’s Simple Treasures also has plenty of clothing. The clothing side is more like a thrift store, and they run daily, weekly, and monthly sales, so you never know what deals you’ll find!  I have found several skirts at this store, and at least twice the ladies have helped me to undress a mannequin so I could see if that piece of clothing would fit!  The ladies are very friendly and take pride in their store!

I think you’ll find some sweet memories and some cozy finds if you choose to visit. Just enjoy the photos I took!

Antique quilts

No vintage consignment store would be complete without antique quilts!

No whining vintage slate sign

I bought this vintage slate sign a couple of months ago at this store. It’s made from slate roofing tiles from an old New Orleans home.

Vintage items and antiques at Wendy’s simple treasures





Vintage Treasures

Homey displays of vintage toys and home items make me want to pull up a rocking chair and pick up my crocheting


Vintage terra cotta cat

Quirky cats!


Sale signs Wendy’s simple treasures

New sales every so often, and they always have a cheery message!


Antique chair

I could imagine Grandpa sitting in this chair

Vintage sewing machine painting

I bought this print to hang over my sewing machine. Funny thing is the artist spells her name just like I spell mine!

Vintage dishes

I’ve never considered Pyrex storage containers to be vintage!!!?  I reckon I’m older than I realized!

Vintage and antique crocks and dishes

So many interesting, random finds!  I’m not too interested in the antique bedpan, though, so that’ll be there for you!

Thankful sign.

Not vintage, but cute!

Wendy’s simple treasures

Outside looking in.

Humorous wooden sign

This instructional sign rests against the vintage cash register. Wipes out any sort of guilt you may feel about picking up something special. 😉

Happy treasure hunting!



Vintage thrift store at Christmas

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting my shop. I appreciate this beautiful blog you have written on it as well. We truly love what we do here at Wendy’s Simple Treasures and Consignments. Thank you again and we pray you and your family have a beautiful and safe New Year!

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