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It’s the first Monday of the year!
It’s the first day back to school after two and a half weeks off.
It’s Daddy’s first day back to work also!  image image image image image
Let’s just say we had a few adjustments to make and some links to work out in our homeschool day today.
Without going into any specifics, I’ll just say that we had a few bumps in our road.  Two boys grounded before lunch left me wondering what else the day might hold!   We had some drama a few times.  At one point I found myself wondering seriously if my better half would consider a trade–I’d go work as a nurse and he could do the schooling!  ? This is the first time that thought has crossed my mind ever, and I knew it’d never work out here.  I even had the thought that I’d be willing to go work the railroad if I could trade jobs with him!
This day was bathed in a lot of prayer.  I knew that was my only hope, yet the day seemed to worsen!  For me, some, and for a couple of my boys, it got visibly more stormy.   And we all know that when one storm cloud arrives, it spreads.  ☁️
We we talked about it some, how the day got dark because of choices made, and about how we don’t have to allow one storm to make the whole day black.  I know all of us at one point or many gave in to those clouds of despair.
But, thankfully, prayer and choice finally prevailed.  A quick walk in the fresh air and an interesting history story seemed to reset the emotion meter.   Should have done that way before we did!  But, as I read, I noticed my little guys snuggling closer, particularly my one with the most drama today.   I had no idea that they’d enjoy an old American history story so much!  We all did!  So, while we all sat down listening to the adventures of Leaf the Lucky and his family of explorers, the tension melted away and peace returned to our home!
And the sunshine stayed!  Even through math, and the restrictions that a couple boys earned!   As evening rolled around, the two grounded boys had determined to organize their bunk room from top to bottom, and they did a great job with not one argument or negative word heard!   Let me assure you that this is a miracle here, and I marveled at what only God could have accomplished!
Tomorrow’s a new day,  We will no doubt have our ups and downs as usual, but one thing has been decided.  At least for tomorrow–I’m still the teacher!  ☔️
(I thought I’d just show you our Christmas trees and decorations.  We get a long season this year!)

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️