Here's a better clue!
Here’s a better clue!

Out here they have some AMAZING fruits!  I’ve always said mangoes are my favorite fruit!   And I still love them, but we found a new favorite!
We we stopped by a stand and Banana Man bought a rediculous amout of these!  But, once we started eating them, they started to disappear alarmingly fast!
Can you guess what they are?
Here’s a picture!imageimage
Aren’t they pretty?

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    1. They are almost gone!
      You can get them out East but are so expensive! These were cheap, which makes them taste even better! 😆

    1. Yes, Melissa!
      We have wild ones in TN but they are small and completely different! If you eat them not quite ripe, you’ll never eat another! They turn your mouth inside out!

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