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DIY Copycat Doterra Past Tense. I Finally Did It!

You heard that right! We are blending our own at-home version of the very popular Doterra Past Tense Tension blend!

Mixing Copycat Doterra Past Tense

I use the DoTerra Past Tense blend way more often than I’d like to!

I get migraines way more often than I want them, which is NEVER!

Too bad for me!

Today I finally took the plunge and made my own Copycat Doterra Past Tense roller!

As my kids say, “Mom, it’s not that deep!”

Bitmoji image Mixing Copycat Doterra Past Tense


I’ve been working up to this for a very long time! Essential oils are costly, and I had to wait for each individual oil to go on sale. My preferred company holds their best sale of the year around Black Friday, when they offer 30% off, with even more deals for like a week. That’s when I save my coupons to use! I just got the last oil last week, much to my excitement.

For the last, maybe, eight years, I’ve been using the DoTerra Past Tense essential oil blend. It helps to take the edge off of my migraines. Nothing I’ve yet discovered has eliminated my migraines, and sometimes I have to take something to help me through the day, but the oils on my temples and across my forehead and back of my neck help to relieve my pain a great deal. It’s the cooling sensation, but there’s something else too, because just straight peppermint oil won’t do the same for me!


Headache bitmoji
Me when I get a migraine

I’ve been buying the 10 ml roller bottle, and using it super often. The problem is the price. For me, even with the high price tag ($25) has been worth it for me to get some relief. I’ve considered making my own before, but all of the individual oils really add up to, so I had to wait, save, and get one at a time. Now I can make more bottles and hopefully save money!!! I have not added up the price and figured out how much each 10ml bottle will cost me. I need to do that, but that sounds a lot like high school math.Frustrated bitmoji image

Doterra Past Tense in the Past Tense.

Recently, I can’t even get the Doterra Past Tense from Amazon.com, and I’m not part of a multilevel company. I do have friends who can get it for me, but I also like the idea of making my own.

How I Made this blend

I found a recipe online for a copycat version of Doterra Past Tense. This mom and daughter have offered the recipes for several popular essential oils blends for people to make their own!   Until now…

I originally referred people to the site that had a lot of oil blend recipes, but recently I’ve noticed that they’ve taken that page down. I wish I’d made a copy of that file, but I thought it would be there later.

I have done some digging, and here’s the ratio of what to use.

Note that this is a •straight• blend.  I do not dilute my recipe.  If you want to, simply divide the recipe by half or one fourth and fill the bottle the remainder of the way with Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Here’s an updated video with me making the Copycat Doterra Past Tense

And Here’s the Uncut Recipe

Copycat Doterra Past Tense Roller Blend

Copycat Doterra Past Tense Blend

Specific number of drops of each oil to fill a 10 ml roller bottle, undiluted.
Prep Time5 minutes
Yield: 1 10 ml roller bottle


  • tiny funnel with neck small enough to go into roller bottle


  • 40 drops Wintergreen Oil
  • 40 drops Lavender Oil
  • 40 drops Peppermint Oil
  • 30 drops Frankincense Oil
  • 20 drops Cilantro/Coriander
  • 20 drops Marjoram Oil
  • 16 drops Roman Chamomile
  • 16 drops Basil Oil
  • 16 drops Rosemary Oil


  • Carefully add all essential oils to roller bottle.
  • Dilute by half or by one fourth, if preferred, filling bottle with Fractionated Coconut Oil, to top.
  • Replace roller.
  • Use liberally on temples, back of neck, across forehead, or on minor body aches.
  • Avoid eye area and sensitive areas.

Once I had that recipe, the rest was smooth sailing!

I assembled all of my oils (it takes nine!) then rearranged them in order so I didn’t get mixed up!

I used this cute little tiny funnel that I got with my olive oil bottles. It worked really well!

Drip, drip, drip!  Making the Copycat Doterra Past Tense

Making DIY doterra Past Tense blend, Rocky Mountain OilsDIY Doterra Past Tense, Rocky Mountain OilsDotwrra Past tense dollar bottleCopycat Doterra Past Tense using Rocky Mountain OilsDIY Copycat DoTerra Past TenseMixing Copycat Doterra Past Tense blendDIY Doterra Past Tense blend, Rocky Mountain oilsCopycat blend Doterra Past Tense, Rocky Mountain Oils

That’s pretty much how it worked out!

The fragrance?

Perfect! It smells wonderful!

I made another recipe awhile back, with a cheap thyme substitute for the coriander, and omitting the Roman Chamomile. It was ok, but you could smell the thyme really strong. This is much better!

I ended up using the better frankincense formulation. It called for Frankincense Carterii, and I had the Sacred Frankincense, which is a more precious oil. That’s the only substitution I made.

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Essential oils scrabble tiles

What I used:

Oils: purchase what you can afford. I use almost all of my oils from Rocky Mtn Oils.

Making my own copycat Doterra Past Tense essential oil blend was fun! Super easy, and I plan to make more!

I’ll keep you posted!

Stay well!


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4 Replies

  1. Have you ever tried acupressure for your headaches? I started that years ago, easy and you can do anywhere, and free! I got mine down to going away in about 15 mins, no more auras! You might check for a chart online, usually free. And of course, what do you think is triggering your headaches?

    1. Sometimes it’s a mystery.
      Sometimes… hormones, lack of sleep, sugar—those things I can look back on. But it’s not 💯 percent consistent, or I’d have it handled.

      Often I can tell it’s coming by an aura—super sleepy for several hours and can’t stay awake, even at night when I’m generally wound up. Last week, I was linked out by 7pm. Interestingly, after a nap, a large glass of water, and then some interaction of the couple type, my migraine was gone, which led us to some questions about possible good ways to arrest a migraine.

      I will look into the acupressure. I think I’ve tried pressure to the web part between my thumb and pointer finger but didn’t seem to see improvement.

      Have tried drinking a glass of water each 15 mins as suggested by someone, and ended up throwing up.

      I’ve dried dripping pure frankincense under my tongue but that didn’t do it for me.

      Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Sounds interesting to try. I like making my own blends too. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 66. Pinned!

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