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Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

Today is a day for sunshine and rainbows! ☀️ 🌈

A happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of my friends!

I’ve always loved this holiday!

🌈 Why do I love St. Patrick’s Day? 🌈

I was born in St Patrick’s Day, so we’ve always loved to find Irish blessings, shamrocks, and green things! 🍀

Also—I was blessed with the signature hair color of an Irish lass, thereby cementing more fully in me the Irish connection!

A few years back (okay, MANY years back!) two girl friends and I traveled to Ireland, and we flew out of Dublin on St Patrick’s Day! Ireland really is very green, the people are just wonderful, and the whole island simply feels cozy and warm, even if you’re shivering from the damp/cold weather! 🌈 Some of the kindest-hearted people I met in Ireland. ☘️

So, because today is my birthday, I’m sharing some cherry Irish blessings with you!

And in case you have never heard the true story behind the man whose name honors this day, please enjoy this wonderful song by someone whom I consider to be a true friend, even though I’ve never met him. His music inspired me, and we have talked, but just haven’t met face to face. I enjoy all of his music, and this is my second favorite song of his (the first favorite is The Love of God)


Also, today my dad and I are listening to this audio book about Patrick’s story, fleshed out a bit more than the song!


And because we all need a laugh or two in these serious times, please enjoy the following humorous advice out of the Emerald Isle!

My dad and I made some mosaic shamrocks yesterday for Mom, and we went to visit her in rehab. We played some games with her and visited for awhile, which was nice! The craft gave my dad something to do with his hands and brain while we listened to another audiobook. I forgot to take a pic the final craft, but they turned out great!

Turns out that glitter is just as fun and messy with seniors as it is with school age kids!

Whatever you do today, whether you have sunshine or clouds, take a moment to look around for the blessings! You may even find a four-leafed clover on this happy day!

You can choose to hear the bird songs or the drone of traffic.

You can look at the cloudy skies or search for rainbows!

You can choose to believe God’s promises or get bogged down with the criticism from your own heart or the mouth of others.

But…you always have a choice.

I’m looking for rainbows today! God’s rainbows! 🌈 ☔️ ⛅️

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