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Simply Delicious Fresh Holiday Cranberry Sauce

Fresh cranberry sauce recipe

If you’re looking for the most delicious cranberry relish recipe to serve at your holiday table, this is it!

This post may contain affiliate links

So Yummy!

We first sampled this cranberry sauce while visiting a church friend’s home sometime after Thanksgiving one year. I couldn’t get enough of it spread on wheat thins! Consequently, I copied down her recipe, and have made it every year since then.

I am sharing this recipe, partly for myself. I want to have it where I can find it when we want to make it for Christmas. I saved the recipe to my old phone (two phones ago), and never want to go power up an old phone just to access a recipe. Here on my blog, I can find it easier!

Fresh cranberry sauce

Fresh Holiday Cranberry Sauce

This year, for Thanksgiving, I never even thought about making this sauce. But Andrew was insistent that I buy cranberries, because he really wanted some! I got the berries, and he made the cranberry sauce! It turned out great!

Once you make this holiday cranberry sauce once, you’ll see how simple it is, and I predict you will also want to serve it often!

  • Fresh
  • Natural
  • Delicious
  • Super easy–just 4 ingredients!

What more could you want?

Here ya go!

Fresh cranberry sauce

Fresh Holiday Cranberry Sauce

  • 2 1/2 cups dates
  • 1 bag cranberries

  • 1 orange–whole, with peeling (organic is best)

  • 1 apple with peeling, cored

Run through meat grinder or push through your blender on slow. (We use the Vitamix 5200). Best if it’s not totally smooth, but you don’t want big orange peel chunks.

Vitamix fresh cranberry sauce

So simple!



Fresh cranberry sauce

Let me know if this becomes YOUR family’s favorite!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



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