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So far, Austin’s had two full days of rehab. How’s that going?

Austin’s been working hard. Three sessions of an hour each make up his therapy.


On the first day, the therapist used a TENS unit on Austin’s right arm, which uses electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves. He said this is to try to keep his muscles from shrinking from disuse.

Austin still can’t move that arm, due to the damage to his shoulder, but they did get his hand to jump when they out the TENS unit on it, which I hear is a positive sign. The therapist told him to not expect to use his arm for awhile. “Not days or weeks–it’ll be months.” 😔

What is TENS?

Today, for occupational therapy, Austin was assisted with his first shower in two weeks. He said that it was great, and he had tons of dry skin flaking off. He’s had bed baths, but they never compare to an actual bath or shower.


Physical therapy every day is work on walking.

500 feet was today’s accomplishment, and that sounds like a good little hike to me!


Austin’s using the straight cane now, but uses the hemi-walker when he’s going short distances still. When I came in last evening, Austin was asleep. Therapy wiped him out. Today, he was awake, but looking pretty much like he’d rather be sleeping.

Miscellaneous Therapy/Group

The first day group therapy was an educational video. That was easy.

Today, he said they played an “old person game” of tossing a ball into cups. I can’t say that it was too stimulating to his active mind, but it’s good to meet people and learn to work together.

Having not much out of the ordinary to report is fine. Some days are quiet, and some have enough drama for weeks.

Austin got a visit yesterday from Grandpa Cover and Grammy Janet. They shared a picnic of milkshakes in his room, which he appreciated. They left him with a cool shirt with an appropriate saying.

They estimate Austin will be here until the 27th. That’s all subject to how he’s doing with his therapy.

I have been impressed with the way they are organized here and how they communicate. They have a good team and seem to do their jobs well.

Our family will come for a 3.5 hour long meeting here to observe Austin in therapy, plus learn how best to help him once he discharges. That’s pretty in-depth!

Tomorrow I’m told they have a team meeting where all of the disciplines–doctors, nursing, dietary, case manager–get together to discuss Austin’s plan of care. They’ll keep me posted about that. I like that they are so proactive about communicating.

I think that’s about it!


For those of you who come to my blog and don’t have a clue why I’m writing about Austin, you can catch up by reading the posts under the heading Austin’s Recovery He (Austin, our 19-ur old son) was in a terrible accident two weeks ago, and through the miracles from God, he’s still with us today. I cannot believe everything that has happened during these two weeks! In a nutshell, he got trapped under an excavator and ended up with eleven broken bones, lung injuries, and a very battered body.

He’s in therapy now, but so much has happened in the in-between days! I think you will be encouraged if you read the story for yourself, as I’ve been updating daily until the last couple of days, when I’ve slacked off a bit.

Have a great day!


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24 Replies

  1. All so wonderful! You want therapy to be normal. On track…
    Im Impressed with therapy 3x a day. My experience is x2 a day.
    It is so exhausting. Very proud of him.

  2. I am so excited to hear about his progress, and that Austin and you are happy with the therapy for the most part. And of course continuing to pray for his arm!

  3. Happy to hear of the progress. Sounds like an A+ rehab hospital. Continued prays for continued healing and restoration

  4. I am so happy for his progress.Sounds like you found a good rehab facility.That is such a blessing.There not all that way.

  5. Fantastic Austin is progressing, we continue to pray every day. His angels are watching over him.

  6. Hi Austin and Laurie,
    I think you have made so much progress is amazing and miraculous.Will continue praying for a continued speedy recovery.Stay blessed and faithful🙏🏻
    (We met at Indian Creek Camp,Tennessee

  7. Looking great! Keep it up, it may seem hard at times but you will be out and running in no time. Larry did not like the 8 weeks of restrictions put on him, but his smallest chain saw was only 10 pounds so guess what he did to day? Bad boy!

  8. I am so happy to hear that he is at a facility that is organized and communicates well. What a relief that you will not have to be constantly feeling the need to step in as his advocate with concerns of proper care.
    It is so thrilling to continue to hear of this incredible progress. I feel like I am always in a sense of amazement when I read about another huge step to his healing fully. Many thanks for keeping us all posted.

  9. It was great to actually be with Austin – and enjoy those shakes with him ! We are so thankful for his remarkable survival, recovery-in-progress – and all the medical personnel involved in this journey.
    Hang on tightly to that verse in the Scriptures, Philippians 1:6. . .
    We love you 💕
    Grandpa Dan and Janet

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