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A Praying Friend

If you are blessed to have a praying friend, you know he or she is worth his weight in gold. Actually more than gold.

As we go through life, there are times when we we seem to be doing just fine. No major problems, not much to rock the boat, and life is pretty much as we expect it to be—steady. We seem pretty good on our own.

When joy comes, our solitary journey can seem a bit empty with nobody to share it with. Joy truly is better when shared.

But there are times when the road gets quite rocky, when storms come, and we really just need to know that someone out there cares. It doesn’t change our road, but gives us more wind in the sails, enabling us to keep going.

If you have someone you can turn to in those moments, don’t take them for granted. People who lift you up when you are down are those who truly care. If it doesn’t go both ways, then you’re using them, so make sure that if they are lifting you up, you are doing the same when the tables are turned.

My mom made these pillows for us and gave them to us at Christmastime. As I have been doing a lot of thinking this past week, they caught my eye.

I will say that some times we can hardly be aware of God’s provision in our lives, even though He is always there for us. Other times, like the present, I have completely been aware of the fact that I have been carried along through no strength of my own.



Because someone was praying, and I knew it.

Phone a Friend

I have a couple, not a ton, of friends that I can call/text and I know that they will pray. They don’t need all the details every time—I can share when I’m ready. Any hour, night or day, and I use that option when I need it.

“I need urgent prayer now! Can you pray for …xyz”

“You got it. Praying right now. Let me know if I can do anything else.”

“Thank you. I’ll share when I can.”

And they do. They pray and don’t stop until they know it’s ok.

Unless you have a friend like this, you cannot understand the relief you feel to know that someone’s got your back, and they’re bringing you before the only One who can help.

Of course I pray already. But tough times call for tough prayers, and somehow, uniting in prayer has more power. If I’m honest, during really rough moments, I can’t say the words that I need to say. I need someone stronger for a little time until I can stand back up on my feet again. That’s where a praying friend can really help.

One of my praying friends reminded me this evening that even Jesus wished He had praying friends. That’s sobering to me. Our King, our Savior, needed his friends to lift Him up in prayer during His most trying hour.

Never feel ashamed to be in need of prayer.

Be afraid if you don’t need prayer.

We are in a battle, and no one should have to fight alone.

Many of our most intense life events are marked with praying friends. That’s because when people are hurting, they need support. How tragic to suffer all alone.

We like to do things on our own, so many times we suffer in silence. At times, we need to press on and win the victory alone, since we each have a personal battle to fight. Yet, even the best warriors have support people.

You are going to come to a place, sooner or later, when you need someone you can count on. The way you find such a friend is to be one. Decide be the one your friend can call at midnight. Listen, but then pray. Nobody really needs your words or advice so much as they desperately need you to pray. With them. For them. And then let them know so they don’t feel like they are battling alone.

Praying friends

Just this past week, I had this experience.

I got a voicemail from a friend we haven’t seen for quite awhile. She just said that she missed seeing us and wanted to pray with me. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary was happening when she called. But the next day, a bomb dropped in our family.

I finally called her back once the dust settled a little, and we talked. We prayed and shed some tears. She could not have knows our difficulty, but felt impressed a day in advance that she needed to pray. So she did. And those prayers were needed super badly!

“Before they call I will answer, and while they are yet speaking, I will hear!”

I’m blessed to have several friends that I can call on. They listen, they pray, they don’t forget. This buoys me up when I’m needing it, and I am humbled to hear of their petitions. Let me tell you, I know that those prayers have carried me during many hard times in my life.

So…I ask you.

Do you have a praying friend?

Are you a praying friend?

It’s worth considering!

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  1. I can’t express how much of a blessing a praying friend is!! The trial is still there and just as difficult, but knowing that friends are praying is, like you said, a source of strength and courage that helps you through. I’m grateful we have had that kind of friendship; I couldn’t have had the strength all those years without it. I pray I am that kind of friend in return!

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️