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So Glad it’s Sabbath Again!

Sabbath church

Whew! What a week! Sabbath rest has never been more welcome!

We went from looking like these two cuties last Friday evening (okay, so maybe we don’t exactly look like them, but that’s how we felt) to whizzing through another busy week, then back here again, at Friday evening.Resting kitties in bed on Sabbath

All I can say is, “I am thankful for Sabbath.”

We have a day to just STOP. And, boy, do we need it!

You can say it:


If you read my post from yesterday, you’ll know that I’ve been having days when my mind literally whirs with things that I’m thinking about. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, and I did many times. Read that post here

But for today, Sabbath, all of that stops.

Those To Do lists are all put away. I don’t have to think about any new tasks to work on. And that is a wonderful feeling. Black cat cozy Sabbath evening

If you have not tried the experience of just putting on the brakes for a day, where you can recharge mentally and physically, I highly advise it!


We spend time more together in our family, as we are able to! This is one reason why I am a rare one who enjoys the Winter time change.


Long evenings! And even more so: long Sabbath evenings!

I love when it’s dark early, when we can settle in by the fire, and drink tea. We can snuggle under blankets and read an inspiring story together.Cozy Sabbath evening with family

So much more so on Sabbath!

Currently we are reading the interesting biography of R.G. LeTourneau. This book was recommended for our boys’ Economics reading list. Very good book, and I think Greg, especially is enjoying this read, since he runs his own business. We have gleaned many good principles, both for business and for life, from reading this book.RG LeTourneau biography

Tomorrow we will go to church, practice some music with the choir, and come home to eat together. It’ll be Haystacks (what’s that?) for lunch and pumpkin pie for dessert.

The days are short, so after cleaning up, we will hopefully catch a few minutes to just chill with a little nap or a hike in the woods. We then return to church for a youth-geared vespers together. Then we as adults visit while the kids play in the gym after the sun sets.

Sabbaths are a wonderful escape without having to actually go anywhere!

I’m enjoying this one to the fullest!

Happy Sabbath!

Boat on peaceful lake

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