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I’ve got great news!

Austin’s going home on Sunday! Crazy, but true!

He’s achieved all of his walking goals, so they’re letting him go early! Really, he’s doing great with his walking!

(If you missed how Austin rolled an excavator on himself and all that that entailed, start HERE)

Austin’s recovery

Austin progressed quickly from the hemi-walker to a cane, and that’s giving him just enough support to where he can get around. Every day he’s tolerated more walking, and today they told us that he’s able to walk 20-25 minutes! I just have to say that that’s incredible!

I can honestly say that we were very surprised that they said he could go home. It’s been very up and down, almost every day. Austin’s shoulder is actually worse, and his arm is as well. Apparently that’s not something they can really improve with rehab, because he now is being told to rest it more.

That shoulder

A couple of days ago, Austin began to notice more shoulder discomfort, and the sensation that something was poking him. They took an X-ray, and found that he had a slightly displaced fragment of bone from the fractured shoulder blade. The therapist said that the muscles being used more probably caused that bone/bones to shift. He’s been ordered to completely rest that shoulder now. He has the sling for support. Those bones just have to rejoin–it was broken in several places. What a mess! He’s got a good 8 weeks for that.

The shoulder is really hurting him.


That Arm…

On the same side with the really bad scapula, Austin’s arm had been giving him problems since day 1. The therapist seems to have honed in on what the problem is, by his symptoms. He strongly suspects he has Radial Nerve Palsy, also called Saturday Night Palsy, among other names. He suspects that during the accident, something damaged his arm, putting pressure on his radial nerve. This is likely–when he was admitted, his right arm was bruised over most of it.

The damage is preventing correct nerve signals from being transmitted. His fingers and wrist don’t move correctly, which we’ve known. He said that he seems to have good muscle activity above the elbow, so the inability to move seems to be below the elbow. He said that it normally does respond to therapy eventually, but it’s not quick. It’s good that he has the splint, because it keeps the hand from dropping at the wrist.

The therapist has been using electrical stimulation every day with Austin, to keep the muscles working and to communicate along the nerves. Once he discharged, I’m hoping that therapy will continue with the electric stimulation. He will be evaluated by physical/occupational therapy when discharged, then they’ll determine how much therapy he will receive per week. Let’s pray they are astute to his needs.

I feel like we’ve had a mixed bag this week. Tremendous progress with his leg/walking, but worsening of his shoulder/arm. Up and down, small and large successes, some setbacks. I hear that Austin felt so motivated to heal/strengthen that he tried too hard! Not quite fair, but it’s probably what happened.

All in all, it’s been a good week for Austin. With his disappointment over his ineligibility for short term disability, that was a downer. But the great news of an early discharge has brought his mood way up again!


One fun thing that brightened Austin’s week was some cards that the Pathfinders made for him.  Among the other cards and little gifts, Austin has felt well loved!

Guess what?

Austin goes home in April 23!

So what?

I’ll tell you what!

April 23 is Austin’s 20th birthday! What an excellent gift!

I’d say that’s perfect timing, wouldn’t you?

Thanks to everyone who’s been praying for the family and for Austin. We know God hears every prayer. Little things and big things matter alike to God.

Keep praying for Austin as he continues along the road to recovery!

Once again…

Here’s the link to the fundraiser since the road to recovery is still being traveled!Fundraiser link here

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27 Replies

  1. God is in control. Great to be home, he will definitely be in better spirits in his own space. But patience is harder when things start going back to normal. So we will keep praying. We are all so encouraged through this modern day miracle, but as I read today. Without Crisis there cannot be a miracle. And while miracles are amazing, crisis requires a lot of healing for everyone. Please know that you are not alone and all around the world folks are praying for your family. Love and blessings!

  2. Home, what a wonderful word! On his birthday! Yeah! More answered prayers. Now to pray those bones knit together, the nerve responds to treatment and he continues getting good out patient therapy. He knows a good therapist already. So happy for all of you.

  3. Happy Sabbath and a soon very happy birthday 🎁💐😁!! So proud of Austin… and the whole family. Love to you all. You remain in our prayers.

  4. Praying daily for Austin. God is good and loves Austin he is with him every step of the way. Irene

  5. PTL! Happy Birthday and congratulations on such a fast recovery thus far! God is good and he hears our prayers!🙏🙏💜🎁

    1. JOY 🤩! We already see how far The Supreme Therapist has brought Austin, and have complete trust that He will see it through to restorative completion. As always, prayers will continue daily.
      Austin, this year celebrate that most special 20th birthday 🎉 !
      We love you 💕
      Grandpa Dan and Janet

  6. Happy Birthday, Austin! Great to hear you are going home and get to celebrate your special day at home. Still praying for your continuing recovery.

  7. Yeah for going home!! Definitely a better place to be. Very glad to hear too that the therapists have figured out some of what has been going on with Austin’s arm. Will be continuing to pray for healing and function to return.

  8. Sounds like progress in walking is good. I’ll keep praying for the arm and scapula to improve back to at least close to normal. Also praying for your family!! Happy birthday. Be careful and don’t fall.

  9. Keep on keepin on! Great to hear going home news. Ya ll have worked hard. Life is a mixed bag. Its the direction that
    Counts. Forward, ever forward. Raise the Banner of faith high!

  10. Oh that is wonderful news! Praise the Lord for all His mercy and help. And He will continue to help with that arm and shoulder I’ve no doubt because He has a plan for Austin and a purpose for everything he has gone thru. Also ..happy birthday wishes to Austin..he is such a nice looking young and I’m sure a good one at that…tomorrow is also my granddaughters 15th birthday so it is a special day for our family too. May the good Lord continue His work and His will…and supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. GOD IS SO GOOD

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