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Sunshine Blogger Award! It’s about Spreading Sunshine!

Imagine my Surprise and Delight when these words greeted me yesterday…

I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Lisa Lombardo, The Self-Sufficient Home-Acre

Thank you, Lisa Lombardo, of The Self-Sufficient Home-Acre Blog, for this nomination!

But what is this all about, anyway?

The Sunshine Blogger Award is an award that the blogging community shares, one blogger at a time. The award is to recognize a fellow blogger who has inspired them for spreading cheer and joy in his or her blogging. So, as one blogger encourages another, the Sunshine Blogger Award is a way of giving back and publicly encouraging inspiring bloggers.

Think of the Sunshine Blogger Award as a way to send flowers to a blogger whose words have encouraged you!

Thoughts on my nomination.

The message of my nomination kind of blew me away, and it came at a time when I’d been praying about the direction for my blog again. As I’ve prayed for balance in blogging, writing, homestead chores, homeschool, off-gridding, parenting, being a good wife, and the myriad other responsibilities of my life, I’ve felt very overwhelmed. I took a weekend away (more on that later), and focused on prayer, relaxing, and good conversation. Oh, and writing.

The notice of the nomination came during my time away, and was a real bright spot in my world. It’s just nice to see that someone out there cares! For a fellow blogger to nominate another means something. It means that she understands the amount of time and mental energy put into blogging, plus life, and that she is right there with you!

That’s what this Sunshine Blogger Award is all about! Spreading Sunshine!

Spread a little sunshine…

I really want to give a shout out to Lisa Lombardo! She runs a great blog, and has been a secret mentor of mine.

Lisa reached out to me in my earliest weeks of blogging, when I was still trying to navigate the waters of this strange new land! I didn’t even actually know what a blog hop was at that time, and certainly did not know how to find one that I would fit in with! Lisa made suggestions, encouraging comments, and just genuinely seemed to care!


I really enjoy visiting Lisa’s blog, because she posts practical tips and down to earth advice. That’s what I like!

One fun post that Lisa shared is about making Popcorn in the Dutch Oven! This I want to try! We love Dutch Oven cooking!

Lisa has been a real encouragement to me in my short blogging career, and I very much treasure her nomination of my blog.

Thanks, Lisa!

Visit her site: https://www.theselfsufficienthomeacre.com

Now for the Rules of this Sunshine Blogger Award:

sunshine blogger award

Here are the questions Lisa asked:

1). Where do you find inspiration for your blog?

Laurie: I find inspiration just from the daily events of life, and try to pass on what has helped me personally, and our family—either in homesteading, or home educating mostly.

2). Who is your biggest cheerleader in life and/or blogging?

Laurie: I’d have to say my friend, Sandra, has been the biggest encourager. She’s a blogger, and has been getting into freelance writing. It’s been great to mutually encourage each other with our writing endeavors!

3). Do you ever get writer’s block and how do you overcome it?

Laurie: I get it when I feel internally pressed. Sometimes life gets so busy that I’ve not had a bit of time to devote to my blog, then I feel pressured. I don’t write well at all under pressure. The solution for me is to take a deep breath, go outside in nature, say a prayer, and just wait. Ideas do come.

4). What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Laurie: Sharing and getting to know other bloggers. I’ve been really blessed by what I’ve come across.

5). Do you have one bit of advice for new bloggers that you wish you’d known when you started?

Laurie: I’m kind of still just starting, and still finding my voice. But I enjoy honest hearted bloggers. So, my only advice is to be yourself.

6). Is there one blogger (or blogging group) who has helped you the most with your blogging questions or problems?

Laurie: This has been the hardest thing for me. I haven’t knows who to ask about blogging, so I’ve just plodded through, learning as I go. YouTube videos have helped, but other than that, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but keep learning! See my posts on Blogging Blunders, and Merging Two Blogs.

7). Where do you feel most creative or inspired to write?

Laurie: Outside in Nature is the best place. Where it’s quiet and I can hear myself think. Really anywhere quiet. Reality usually dictates that I’m stuck inside our RV on my laptop sneaking blogging into the corners of time I find—or steal!

8). If you could go on a vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Laurie: The Mediterranean. Would love to explore that regions culture, food, and people! And climate!

9). What is your favorite outdoor activity?

Laurie: Canoeing, although I don’t get to do it much. I love hiking too—nice easy, beautiful places are what I enjoy!

10). Do you have a favorite frugal or green living tip to share?

Laurie: Shop at Aldi. ?

11). What are your plans for the future (for your blog or life in general)?

Laurie: We are working on building up our property and our cabin. Our goal behind that is to make it through our boys’ teen years and to launch them into their chosen life paths! Plans for my blog include continuing to chronicle our journey, and to dabble into the writing world outside of my blog!

sunshine blogger award

My Nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

If I have listed you here, you have touched my life in some way. Some of you I know very well. Some, I’ve only recently become acquainted through your blog, and some I just plain admire because of your words that lift me up, while I remain one of many who visit your blog unnoticed. That’s OK! You each have brought me Sunshine, and I want to recognize you!

  1. Sandra at True Life Chronicles Sandra (Sandy) is a freelance writer who has just opened up her newest blog. She is also my best friend, and a partner in crime when it comes to our writing and blogging endeavors! She writes heart-touching stories, and gives great tips. Visit her website to be encouraged and inspired.
  2. Ann at Live the Old Way Ann runs a great blog that is focused on forgotten skills, off-grid living, and simple solutions to modern problems. I still want to visit her homestead! Ann was a friendly voice in the blogging and blog-hopping world, and was kind enough to reach out to me and help me to get included in the Homestead Blog Hop, which I am enjoying. I really like Ann’s focus on natural remedies and foraging.
  3. Kelly of Simple Life Mom Kelly has a wonderful world of natural ideas and home-made natural products on her website. She always has a great new idea for common ailments, and she uses natural ingredients and essential oils. If I were going to have another hobby, I’d love to delve more into her world of natural, home-made goodness. Kelly was gracious enough to take me on as a newbie to the Homestead Blog Hop! Thanks, Kelly!
  4. Caroline, of the Modest Mom Blog. Caroline shares refreshing posts which include clothing that is comfortable and modest (and pretty, I might add). I like to visit her page weekly til see what’s up. She also hosts a blog link up most Mondays.
  5. Kathleen from Bloggers’ Lifestyle. Kathleen has a blog where she freely shares ideas for bloggers. She also runs the Blogger’s Pit Stop Blog Hop, which is very active. I need more time to explore more deeply into Kathleen’s website, because I’d love to learn from her wisdom of years in the blogging world.
  6. Michelle of Homeschool Your Boys. Michelle’s websites is one of my favorites. She speaks from the wisdom that only a mother of multiple boys can share! I almost always read her new blog posts, and marvel at how what she shares applied in our home. If you have boys, you’ll want to check out Homeschool Your Boys.
  7. Jennifer from Loving Life at Home. I really love Jennifer’s blog. She has inspired me and unknowingly offered rebuke to me. I especially enjoy her vast library of free printables, many of which are scripture verses and prayer guides. When I need encouragement, I head over to Jennifer’s blog.
  8. Sarita, of An Off Grid Life. This is another blog that I love! This is run by a family who homesteads in Alaska! Brr! They have awesome ideas for the home and homeschooling, plus self-reliance. Sarita leaves encouraging feedback, and I just love to see another family stepping outside of the box and going for their off-grid dreams!
  9. Shannon, of From The Hearth Shannon’s blog inspires me. She homesteads and loves to share ideas about food, family, and faith. She also offers some neat printables. Shannon always has an encouraging word to offer, and I feel like her down-to-earth approach is very similar to mine.
  10. W.T. from Unexplained Underfoot Objects. W.T. is a little mysterious. After all, no one knows his name! But his blog is a place of homestead sharing, and I like the focus. He keeps it real and shares actual family progress, which is very refreshing to me. He also hosts the Family Homestead Blog Hop, which I’ve begun attending regularly.
  11. Andrea from Cooking With a Wallflower Although I have not been as faithful to follow Andrea’s blog lately, it was her blog that actually encouraged me in my first weeks of self-hosted blogging. She wrote a 4-part tutorial on blogging, which I found challenging and so helpful! I still have those posts bookmarked. Andrea writes about cooking, random projects, and her blogging journey.
  12. Cherelle from The Inspired Prairie. Cherelle’s blog is a great one! She shares about projects, home tips, family, and recipes. I really like her tone, and the feel of her blog. Somehow it’s just cozy!

Wait! That’s 12! I really CAN count, but one of these is an honorary nomination, realizing that I’m paying tribute to a blogger who won’t be able to reciprocate! ?

Congratulations to all of the Sunshine Blogger Nominees!

You have spread cheer! Keep up the great work!

sunshine blogger award
Time to share the love!

Now for My Own Questions:

  1. Why did you decide to blog? Income? Hobby? Love to write?
  2. What’s your favorite color?
  3. What was your most difficult obstacle in your blogging journey?
  4. What do you love from Nature?
  5. How do you balance blogging and the other responsibilities of life?
  6. What is your favorite animal for a pet?
  7. Do you write outside of your blog?
  8. How long did it take before you felt settled into your blog?
  9. What clothes are you most likely to be found wearing when you Blog?
  10. What is one key tip that you’d like to share for newer bloggers?
  11. Where do you go to refresh your spirit?

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  1. Great answers and great questions, Laurie! Congrats again! You deserve it!

    Thanks so much for your kind words…I truly appreciate them. 🙂 Have a wonderful day and keep up the great work!

  2. This was awesome! It’s amazing to see all the love being shared. Visiting you from WelcomeHeart blog.

  3. That was a great post, Laurie. I like honest bloggers too. Congratulations on being nominated!

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