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Did you catch the Solar Eclipse 2024?

Everyone is talking about the solar eclipse 2024. Everyone except me. I didn’t get into it much, because I am a realist.

Don’t get me wrong! We love the solar eclipse. In fact, for the last solar eclipse, in 2017, I packed the boys up, drove three hours, and joined a homeschool gathering in the line of totality. It was unforgettable, amazing, and thrilling! A once-in-a-lifetime event.

Solar Eclipse 2024

Maybe that’s why this time felt like “less than” the other one. A quick scan on the map told me totality would not be visible for us, and six years later, our boys are more scattered, and don’t pack up quite as easily as last time. That’s a pity.

I skipped the glasses

I did not join the craze of buying eclipse glasses this time. Been there, done that flitted through my mind.

Mostly, it was the forecast that deterred me. Complete cloud coverage.

Meh, what’s the point?


I did look at the time schedule. I was not totally unaware.

Last minute scrambling

Minutes before the end event of solar eclipse 2024, I sensed, more than saw, the gathering darkness. It’s actually strange to notice it getting darker with the clues already overcast. But it was darker.

Supposedly, we would notice our animals begin to behave strangely. I have no idea if that happened or not, because our cats are already crazy and act strange on a good day, so who’s to say?

April Fool?

At the time of the eclipse, Andrew showed me a doctored photo from our town showing an amazing shot as clear as a black circle on a cloudy sky! I actually thought it was real, so I hastened outside to look for that black circle.Solar eclipse 2024

I got fooled.

We couldn’t see through our clouds one little bit. I assume the sun was out there somewhere, but we couldn’t prove it.

Songbirds and poultry

What I did notice was the birds. Singing away like it was wake-up time! Our neighbor’s rooster crowed loud and clear, and I got the sudden urge to burrow under my covers and hit the snooze button. That would have been nice.

Rooster and Sun
Someone was excited.


I did hear the wood thrushes chorusing. They’re my favorite song birds. I hiked halfway up the hill for good measure, saw nothing, then gave up.Cloudy skies over cabin

What we saw.

No solar eclipse 2024 for us.

Clouds, sprinkles, and wet laundry on the clothesline–that’s all I saw this time.

My friend, Carissa, who apparently lives where she can see awesome solar events, sent me her pictures in real time. At some point I lashed out in envy and told her I couldn’t take it anymore.

Actually, I was happy for her photos, because it was really amazing to see!

I am happy for every person who saw this cool event. I only pretend to be a bitter old woman. Deep down Im sweet as pie! 🥧

The eclipse feeling

I will say it felt “different outside”, a little like how it feels when a storm is brewing, or like a tornado. But mostly, I probably imagined that.

I do remember at the 2017 eclipse, that it was quite dusky, and the atmosphere felt super electrified with excitement. But when you throw a couple hundred kids and their homeschooling parents together, and add in an astronomical event, you can expect some excitement. Can we say “hyper”?

So, this eclipse was anticlimactic. That’s my summary.

Did it live up to my (low) expectations? I’m afraid so. But only in our immediate area.

I have a friend who crossed several states to reach clear skies and totality. I truly hope he got some awesome shots!

I’ve seen some amazing social media shots already! I’m so happy for everyone who got to see the incredible solar eclipse 2024.

I wish that would have included me. Perspective tells me that I’ve experienced a once in a lifetime event at least once, so what more could I ask for?

This picture sums it up best.

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  1. Laurie, I wrote about the Eclipse experience today, also. I was fascinated to read about your experience. Especially the BIRDS chattering/singing/crowing excitedly– was that as the light was coming back? Thanks for the great post!

    1. I have been so tired today I sorta forgot about the eclipse until it started getting dark and then I thought it was night time and I could go to sleep LOL

  2. It’s hard when the kids are grown. A lot changes. I’m glad you got to see a few things. The birds were interesting.

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