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Seven Things I Like About Skirts and Dresses—on Weekdays!?!

Seven reasons couple

I’m going to start a new series here. Maybe it’s unconventional, but that’s ok.  It’s the “Seven Things I Like” series.  Periodically, I’ll visit various topics under this title

I decided to give my blog to God, and let it go where He leads it. He’s been putting some ideas on my brain, and so I figured I’d just jump right in with a fun and light-hearted topic!

I Like Skirts and Dresses.

I like them to wear to church on Sabbath, but I also like wearing skirts during the regular week.

We live on a homestead. It’s muddy. We’ve got steep ridges that we sometimes climb. We are building. I sometimes help with my husband’s unloading of wood.

Considering those things, since living on our property, I sometimes (often) dress in jeans. If I’m climbing or hiking through the briars, it’s jeans for me, as well as doing many of our homestead chores like hauling trash, stacking lumber, or the like.


When I want to feel pretty, though, I grab a skirt. The clothes make the man, they say, and I think that a woman also can be judged (not in a condemnatory way) by what she wears as well.

With that said, let’s get this list started!

Seven Things I like about Wearing Skirts and Dresses on Ordinary Days

Skirts and dresses make me feel feminine. And I like that.
Pink wrap skirt

2.  My husband appreciates me wearing dresses! Why would I not want to please him? I like to have him look at me with admiration. Does he look at me when I have my old comfy jeans on with admiration?? Sure! But it’s kind of like when we look at our man with admiration when he’s taken the time to spruce himself up and take care with his appearance. I see no difference, and I certainly don’t feel like he’s demanding my submission by preferring a ladylike style! I kind of like him to look manly, so I guess we’re even!Man and woman with sunflowers

3.  Cool in the sumner! I LOVE wearing airy skirts in the summer and early Fall months! Skirts keep me so much cooler than even shorts do, because they allow air to just flow all around me!Couple on mountainCouple at beach

4.  I can layer up in the Winter! If skirts keep me cool in the Summer, then what about the Winter? Well…I would not want to wear nothing on my legs under a skirt in the Winter! Too breezy and freezey! That’s why thick tights and leggings are so handy! I can wear a pair of warm leggings and wool socks with some cute boots and stay remarkably warm! If it get too cold, I can grab the jeans, but you’d be surprised at how warm you can stay with layer up skirts! Of course, the skirts I wear in the Winter are denim, corduroy, and wool-blends, to that does help!

Autumn dresses

5.  Skirts and dresses can be modest.

Denim skirt Living to please God and honor my husband, I keep in mind that while I want to look pretty and feminine, I also want to preserve modesty and grace. There is just something of an atmosphere of reserve that follows a woman who is dressed neatly, yet modestly. I can’t explain it, but if you’re honest, you know what I’m talking about. When I see a woman dressed conservatively, I wonder if she’s a Christian. I wonder if she values homemaking and honoring her husband and Lord. And I feel a connection. Does this mean that only people who dress that way have these qualities? Absolutely not! But just like when you see a teenager with slouchy pants and a ratty shirt, you make an assumption, people make assumptions about ladies in the same way.

6.   Skirts and dresses are fun to wear!!Pretty woman in dress

7.  I can find fun skirts and dresses at thrift shops! Seriously–the best skirts I’ve ever found have all been from thrift stores! Department stores can have nice skirts, but they sometimes feel too mass-produced to me! I like the challenge of finding a unique skirt or flowy dress in a second-hand shop. It’s just who I’ve become. My personality has become more settled into not worrying so much about styles and trends. I like what I like, and I feel good about who I am. I like clothing that reflects that.Thrift store dresses

There you have it! My top seven things I like about wearing skirts and dresses.

I’m sure you have other reasons! Feel free to share them!

On a Personal Note

I will say that I didn’t always love wearing skirts and dresses. When it became an issue sometime in my life of feeling like I must wear a dress, then I rebelled inside at that idea. No one should dictate to you what you must do. God gives us time and space to come to reasonable conclusions. He does not demand blind submission.

Sometimes we attend a school or job that requires a dress code. This is perfectly acceptable. No one balks at a chef wearing a silly white hat or a store employee wearing a uniform. It’s required for the job.

In Conclusion

People in uniform
So we can adapt certain styles for a season. But there will come a time for each of us, where we need to decide for ourselves. Not because our parents say so. Not because we want God to love us more. Not because we want people to like us for looking a certain way.

We decide what to wear because of knowing who we are and Who we belong to. Then, suddenly, decisions aren’t so difficult! We start to gain a sense of what will please God? And we naturally choose the things that keep us close to Him.

Enough about me!

Let me know your thoughts! You don’t have to agree with me–these are my reasons!


A fun roundup from Amazon!  Some cute skirts and dresses that would work for actual work or casual wear!  I favor skirts for everyday, because you can switch up the tops so easily!

Or Just Make Your Own!

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24 Replies

  1. Different strokes for different people. That’s a good thing. I like both pants and dresses but I wear pants more often. I dress mostly to please myself though but it’s a bonus if it pleases someone else.

  2. It’s all a matter of perspective. I dressed up for my career for 35 years, so now I like to be comfy. I do have a few dresses for those special occasions.

  3. Laurie, I enjoy skirts and dresses also. When I worked in offices in cold areas, I wore calf-length skirts a lot, with knee-high boots. Nice and warm. And loose natural-fiber skirts, as you say, let the air flow on hot days. I am a modest dresser, like you, and sometimes people criticize. I counter, “you want me to be happy, don’t you?” To me, we show more self-respect by dressing well and modestly– an idea that ripples through many cultures.

  4. Hey Laurie, I like wearing skirts and dresses too. They are comfortable and provide me with a lot of flexibility.

  5. I do like wearing skirts and dresses because they are often more comfortable than pants. Some summers I wear mainly skirts and summer dresses, other summers I wear mostly shorts. It just depends on my mood and how I want to look at the moment. I am glad I have so many options.

  6. Oh, goodness! I like your series and look forward to future posts but I can’t agree on dresses and skirts!! I was forced to wear them in elementary school and didn’t like wearing them even way back then!! When I had my daughter, I let her decide if and when she wanted to wear a dress or skirt. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 73. Pinned.

    1. Yea I lived in a school where I was required to wear them for awhile. When I chose to wear them because it was actually my choice, it worked out better. I rarely think about that aspect now. It’s just what I’ve done to prefer.

What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️