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Serendipity is an unplanned fortunate discovery.


Our serendipity this week— wild berries!

As I plucked the plump, juicy berries from our cultivated blueberry bushes, I chatted to my husband, who’d come along to check the garden.

Our bushes are about three years old now, so they are beginning to bear a few berries. Just enough to give us a taste of what the years to come will bring.

To our delight, we spotted our wild blueberry plants nearby! Some of the plants were actually loaded with small blueberries and some huckleberries! This gave us a nice chance to pick alongside each other, a relaxing activity for us, who find it more and more difficult to find quiet moments to spend together.

Sometimes our serendipity moments are in the little things!

Black Raspberry

We also stumbled upon a patch of wild black raspberries! These are different (and way better) than wild blackberries! The plant tumbled down the hill beside our driveway! I had to climb down the steep hill, but it was so worth it!

High Bush Blueberry

Here are a few of the nicer wild blueberry plants that we picked from.

Room to grow

When we first bought our property, the wild blueberries really excited us! But they were tiny—none more than a foot or so tall. And each plant only gave a few berries.


After we have done some clearing for the garden terraces, some of the wild blueberry plants have gotten thinned and exposed to the sun. They’ve thrived into small bushes now, but we think that the sun has really made the difference in fruit production! And having room to spread out has helped them to become what they could never be growing there in the understory.

My man in the picking patch

Our wild berries are our serendipity of the week!

We discovered early on that some of our berries our on the ridges were blueberry and others were huckleberry. Read about that discovery here

Our time outside in the berry patch  reminded me of another time when I went out foraging in the berry patch  Foraging Huckleberries & Wild Blueberries  But each time it gets better!  


We enjoyed the berries by the mouthful, and also on top of our Sunday pancakes! Wild berries have stronger flavor than their domestic counterparts, which makes them a delicious addition to your favorite breakfast! I think they’d be delicious in blueberry muffins, but I couldn’t bear to bake them—they’re more abundant than ever before, but picking a bowlful still takes a long time!

Low bush blueberry
Handful of flavor!

I’ll admit that my favorites are the black raspberries. They don’t last long, though, so eat them right away!

Blue serendipity

Look for serendipity moments

I hope that you discover your own serendipity today

It might be a person who surprises you with a random kindness. Or an unexpected gift, an encouraging Bible verse, or the soft lick of a kitten’s tongue.

Be a serendipity

Better yet, make yourself the serendipity for someone else! Pray for wisdom, then follow through with that call to a friend, the muffins to cheer up a lonely neighbor, or fresh flowers to brighten up a frazzled friend’s table.

Low blue ridge blueberries in the understory of the forest.

Give someone a reason to smile.


What is your experience? 💜 I read every comment, and so many times I find that I gain encouragement from what’s shared. ❤️