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To Every Thing There is a Season…

That’s Biblical.

In the natural world, I joyfully anticipate certain seasons, while I dread others. I look forward to Spring blooms and Autumn splendor. I appreciate both the warming sun of Spring and the cooling breezes of Fall. I mostly endure the barren Winter, but even in that, find surprises, such as tracks in the snow, ice crystals, and the rare white wonderland. Summer is a time of heat and hard work, but also a time of bountiful blessings and glorious color.

All seasons have something beautiful. But some, I enjoy more than others.

In my life, I am passing through different seasons according to the different life stages. With my motherhood journey, I’m at the late teens/young adult parenting phase, simultaneous with the freshly launched hatchling to still parent, albeit in different ways. Not easy, and not like those warm fuzzy days of babyhood.

There are seasons in marriage too. Our marriage is not the same as when we started out, and it never should be. Carefree days have been replaced by weightier things to tackle, but the glue of commitment and mutual working together binds us through disturbances in our time together.

As a daughter, my journey is shifting. Looking at my parents as aging is not pleasant, but real. Thanksgiving was not the same this year. We had a bad day with Dad, as well as a teen with the flu, so the serious side of life settled hard on us. But we were together as best as we could be, and we thanked God for what we do have. Right now we do have each other, and we will make the most of that.


Winter is settling upon our family. We’ve seen the first cold wind of chill as we have watched Dad suffer. Tears came. My brother was perplexed when Dad introduced himself to him, then told Jimmy about his “son, who is a nurse, who lives in Chattanooga.”

“Dad, that’s me!”

But it didn’t sink in. Not then.

Then last night Dad called Mom Betty. And could not understand why she left in tears.

The Winter chill has come.

It’s seeping under the door jams and cracks. Some days will be warm, and it won’t seem like Winter at all. But we know the storm is coming. It’s a season we don’t want, and aren’t prepared for. I hoped we could avoid this part of the cruel disease called Lewy Body Dementia.

Some days Dad is funny. Most days. But he’s trapped inside a body that’s ravaged by a horrible illness that sucks out his strength and his mind.

We know this is not who he really is. Not the man whose eyes light up when he hears Mom laugh. It’s not his fault. He didn’t ask for it and neither did we.

Some days I don’t mind being “the new girl”, or “that nurse”. But some days I do.

And Mama cried when he called her Betty.

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15 Replies

  1. Prayers for you and your family, some seasons are so hard, but we will focus on the joy and blessings to be found. So thankful for these encouraging posts that everyone shares!

  2. Such an important, sad, but beautifully written post! Thanks so much for sharing. Prayers for you and your family!

  3. Laurie,
    So sorry that your family is dealing with all this…Sending prayers!!
    Thanks again for hosting this charming party every week! I know how much time goes into doing so and I want you to know that it I truly appreciate it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

  4. Laurie, I’m so sorry to hear about what a difficult day Thanksgiving was. It can be hard to be thankful in the midst of big challenges. I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about this subject. Thanks, by the way, for featuring my post “Where is God When Life is Hard?” I was working on one this morning entitled, “Are You Struggling to Trust God?” It will post on Tuesday. We are ahead of you in our season of life. In fact, probably closer to you mom and dad’s ages. Our last parent, my mom, died just over a year ago. But now we are watching some of our children and grandchildren struggle and make choices that we know will have unwanted consequences. And because they are not open to much discussion, we are left with prayer. But then, prayer is everything because God is the only one who can really work in the deepest of ways. Praying for you and your family this morning. And especially for your mom.

  5. My heart went out to you as I read your words. Many of them I could relate to. Seeing parents age is so difficult and losing them is even worse. I still miss my Mom and Daddy so much, and I will never forget how hard the process was. I will also never regret anything I ever did to help them through it, and neither will you. May Jesus hold you close and give you the extra strength you need.

  6. Through the years, it is these trying times we learn the true value of our love for others. And then as needed remember to love yourself as well. It is never easy, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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  8. Laurie, I am so sorry to hear that winter is setting in on your family in such a way. I am glad that you were able to be present with your family this Thanksgiving but my heart is breaking for you during this time. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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